One thought on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. No man, I just watched that episode today online, and for some reason the more her character gets involved in the series, the sexier she becomes. She’s slowly taking over as the Clark Kent side kick while at the same time being slid in as clarks progressively hot new love interest. Though, I do have to say, Lana was looking hot, but I do hope she doesn’t become a major player again, even with changes of emotional phases she’s had as a character on the series. I’ve enjoyed it much more without her involved.

    The series, I believe has made some strides in getting away from that bubble gum high school feel, but is straying uncomfortably close to a Buffy-like dark tone. If they can find that happy medium, it’s going to be unbelievable with the possible plot lines and character intracacies being developed. I am just hoping it doesn’t become too comic booky, though that may also be the draw to the show.

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