Heroes: “The Eclipse Part One”

The season is winding down. This episode had some great moments, and really started to tie things together, well a few things anyways.

First, I enjoy Sylar and Elle. She points out to him that he just becomes what everyone wants him to be. He realizes she is right and starts making his own choices. Once they lose their powers, he seems relieved and they kiss each other. Awe, how cute.

Second, I think we can now see the point in Arthur’s plans. Now that they do not have powers, he needs a formula from Mohinder. The powers have become a drug for many of the characters, they have been defined by those powers.

Seth Green and Breckin Myer being the guys at the comic book store is pretty sweet. Those two are usually pretty funny no matter what.

Here is something that irks me about the eclipse thing. Remember during season one when people got their powers? It never seemed like the eclipse caused it, also eclipses like that do not happen every year or so. Plus, how come Arthur and that generation do not remember an eclipse giving them powers before?

Anyways, let me know what you guys thought and hopefully the second part will be pretty sweet and encourage me to write more about it. Oh and my prediction for next week is that when Mr.B shoots Sylar, his powers come back and he heals from the bullet.