Heroes: “Villains” and “It’s Coming”

As promised, here comes my huge post about the previous two episodes. And I am spent. Woo. Seriously, vacation took everything out of me. Just kidding.

This was another flashback episode, which shows how some of the characters lives turned out the way they are now. Hiro, in his drug induced spirit walk, sees different events that shaped the lives of a few different characters: Meredith, Flint, Sylar, Arthur, and Nathan.

Here is what I can say about the episode, it was pretty good, but not great. Obviously since I fell asleep in the last ten minutes. The Flint/Meredith story was okay, but why is this introduced now? I mean, letting us know that they are siblings could have made Flint a more dynamic character, and maybe we would care about him at this point in the season.

It turns out that Arthur had Linderman put a hit out on Nathan, which caused the car accident which left his wife paralyzed. Angela finds out and confronts her husband, who just uses his mind power to convince her that Nathan must die. Later though Linderman heals her mind, and she tries to kill Arthur with the help of everyone’s favorite Haitian.

Nathan finds his dad and takes him to the hospital, where the doctor says he is dead. Odd that they said he died of heart attack, when Peter first jumped off the building to test his flying ability, Angela later says that their father killed himself and suicide runs in the family. Does anyone else remember that?

Anyways, the doctor worked for Arthur and we find out that he is paralyzed and close to death. Anyone ever watch Trigun? Does Arthur remind anyone of Knives, who is more powerful than anyone, but hooked to machines to keep him alive?

The best part was the evolution of Sylar. After stealing his first victims power, he tries to kill himself. Elle comes to his watch shop and saves his life (using her power, but Sylar did not know). She was sent by Mr.B to see if how he transfers powers.

Later she keeps visiting him, and starts to actually develop feelings for him. Mr.B makes her bring another special person, Trevor, who makes things explode. Sylar realizes she lied to him and that she has a power, and he kills Trevor and takes his ability while Elle gets away. I will have more on why this was cool to me after the next episode.

The episode ends with Arthur killing the African dream guy, and grabbing Hiro’s head and causing Hiro to scream…

It’s Coming
Even though the show has begun to drift away from what made it so cool, some of the new episodes have great moments. This was one of those episodes.

Ando saves Hiro from Arthur (well sort of) and makes him teleport them out of there. He discovers that Hiro has been reverted back to a ten year old. After many little pranks, Hiro starts to learn how to use his power and they go to a comic store to figure out what to do next. They see 9th Wonders and the last page has another eclipse that says “It’s Coming”…

Peter and Claire escape from Flint and Knox. Claire tries to fight them to save Peter, but finds out that they were never after Peter, they wanted Claire. Peter comes back and uses a broken gaspipe and a little taunting to force Flint to blast the pipe causing an explosion which allows the two time to escape.

Matt rescues Angela from her mental prison, where Daphne helps him and says she loves him. Not too much to say, I like this storyline, but they need to explore the mental powers more…

Arthur tells Sylar that he knows he saved Peter’s life, and that it is okay. Arthur explains that Sylar can take people’s powers without killing them. He needs to learn empathy. So he and Peter are the same powers wise?

Sylar is locked in a room with Elle, who is in chains (what I would not give to be stuck in a room with a chained up Kristen Bell…) Sorry, got a little excited. She screams at him for killing her dad and blasts him a nice bolt of electricity. She keeps pumping it to him, and he keeps healing. Finally she asks him to kill her, to take the pain away. Sylar tells her that he is not a killer, that he can help her. She must forgive herself. As they begin to bond, he is able to manifest the electricity, and he frees her from her bondage (haha).

She teaches him how to control it, and the real flirt and probably had some kinky sex…Now, onto my thoughts about this change in Sylar. Before we saw him as the bad guy, but Quinto did such a great job that I think the writer’s really wanted to make him a good guy. Sadly, making him another Petrelli was not the best of ideas, but it was a thought I had back in the first few episodes, that Sylar was either Peter or Arthur. I love character growth, and this is a character who has definitely grown the most.

The episode ends with the good guys ending up at Primatech and the bad guys all at Pinehearst. Angela explains that the formula needs a catalyst to fuel it. Claire realizes that she must be the catalyst since Sylar says she was different.

So, are we back to Save the Cheerleader, Save the World? Okay, I typed way too much and I think the room is rocking back and forth. I guess that is a side effect of a cruise? Please, give me your thoughts and theories on the two episodes.

6 thoughts on “Heroes: “Villains” and “It’s Coming”

  1. I think we should refer to the haitian has EFH (everyone’s favorite haitian). It’s just easier to type…

    I missed the first few minutes of “It’s Coming”, just the part wehre Ando saves Hiro. So what happened? I turned it on when he was acting like a 10 year old, but I didn’t know that he was supposed to be 10. I just thought that’s how he acted before he realized he had powers…

    And yea, it’s strange that they made Arthur “die” of a heart attack and not apparent suicide. Angela could have just lied and said it was suicide like she originally did. Writer blunder? Probably. Do they care anymore? Doesn’t seem like it.

    And when, during the first season, did they talk about the eclipse being the reason they got their powers? Obviously the elders already had powers before it, and I’m fairly certain Nathan knew about his flying well before Peter figured it out. Oh, and that girl who had the great memory, she said she had it all her life right? That could definitely go on and on, but maybe I would be okay with eclipses causing a certain batch of Heroes to gain powers…whatever best not to think about.

    Any ideas of what the eclipse will do this time? 2:1 odds it “refreshes” powers. i.e. Peter and Hiro will be back to normal. Seems like a convenient way to do it…

  2. Yea. I think when they reset they will have a brief moment when it feels like they lost them. Then they just have to relearn them or something…Just my two cents.

  3. in terms of the eclipse, i’m not sure if it showed in the previews of people without powers anymore, but what if the eclipse, gives peter back his powers, and strips everyone else of theirs. It would give a real edge to primatech over parkhurst as peter would probably hunt down his father. And what’s the deal with Daphne, which team is she on right now, primatech? And, anyone else feel it was kind of a flippant “i love you” to parker? Just to get on his good gracees again? I don’t know, i guess not since he can read minds, but I think she took a page out of George Costanza’s book in “It’s not a lie, if you believe it to be true.” You have to see the seinfeld episode to get what I’m talking about. Anyways, it was good to see ya had a good trip there Ngewo. Hopefully I will be able to attend next year.

  4. Personally I think Sylar will figure out that he can take Peter’s powers back from Arthur and help restore Peter. That will his way of redeeming himself and becoming one of the Heroes.

  5. I suppose. I find Sylar’s transformation just too convenient…especially after the way he acted in Mexico. Oh well at least he didn’t just die after the 1st season.

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