Kacie forced me to read the book Twilight. It was a fairly easy book to read, only took me a few hours total. I thought it was okay, nothing special though. I can understand why teenage girls are so into the books, but honestly, not my cup of tea.

Some things I have noticed though, Meyer seems to have taken much of her vampire mythos from the Anne Rice books. Especially Edward, when he says he tried to feed off humans before, hunting the murderers and evil doers, that is something that Rice’s vampires do, since they can all read minds.

I also feel that Meyer threw in a Rice nod. When Edward tells the story of how Carlisle fled London and went to Venice, he says that there were vampires there who were patrons of the arts. In the Vampire Lestat, Marius tells Lestat how he once lived in Venice as a painter and sometime patron for artists.

Really, the book is written for sixth graders by a sixth grader.  It really does suck.

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