Vacation Preview

So my cruise to Mexico is almost here. Most of you are retarded for not joining, except Gideon since he is joining me. Here is a rundown of some of the things I need to do before I can go:

1. Buy a nice outfit for the Captain’s Dinner. Yes, I have plenty of shirts and ties, most of them have grease stains or mashed potatoes on them.

2. Do laundry and clean the apartment. I do not want to come home to a crap load of laundry and a dirty place.

3. Go to the mall and buy some stuff I will need for the trip, maybe a book or a DS game…any suggestions on a game?

4. Buy swimming trunks…

5. Go to work and not kill everyone there.

6. Pack. Ugh.

7. Remind Steve to take me to the airport, and hope that someone picks me up when we return…

8. Oh yeah, I need to get a hair cut, preferably on Monday.

9. Remember to take my passport, that would be funny/mildly retarded if I forgot that.

Anything else? Not sure, but if anyone thinks of anything else, let me know. Obviously I do not need to be reminded of the things I must take with me, such as clothes, or toothpaste. Oh shit, I bet I will have to find my cigars in bulk, I doubt they have them on the ship, are you even allowed to smoke on the ocean? Probably not, oh well. I will smoke them in Mexico. Everything is legal there. I should also take some money for bribing the Mexican Police, I am sure that Gideon and I will end up in Mexican Prison…

7 thoughts on “Vacation Preview

  1. If you have a DS, I’d skip getting a game and instead get this. It lets you play DS Roms from a MicroSD card. The Roms, of course, you download for free. You can also get homebrew software that will let you do basically anything you can do with a PC: surf the web, play MP3s, read comic scans, etc. I have one and it’s basically the greatest thing ever.

    Or you could just buy a game. Here’s a great one.

  2. Yeah, I should probably make a list of stuff I’m gonna need, too. I always forget a couple of things whenever I travel, mainly because I usually start packing 4 hours before the flight.

    I’ve already got the laundry and haircut business worked out, I’m more concerned about having enough fancy hats to last the week. I’ve got a particular plaid pork pie number that should come in by tuesday (cross your fingers!)

    … – Hold the phone! captain’s dinner?! I was never informed of any such event. Now i’m gonna have to find some space to take my authentic 1896 stovepipe hat. Boo.

    I have been practicing some spanish phrases though, for our inevitable stay in mexican prison. so far i’ve got:

    – one at a time, boys!
    – can you put on a glove first, sir? your nails are quite long.
    – obama said knock you out.
    – i’ve got some drywall i need hung in my garage. what’re you doing next wednesday?

    On a side note, video game pirating hurts its industry more than any other entertainment medium. There are no alternate revenue streams to counter lost sales (ie. concerts). Games take a lot longer to produce than movies or music (usually years), causing one failure to have the potential to completely bankrupt a company. Pirating alone has been the downfall of at least one console, and has caused the lack of originality in today’s marketplace, since investors are less willing to take a chance on an unproven property. Sure, it’s free, and the legitimate homebrew applications are initially novel, but the result down the road could be catastrophic. though if you’re gonna do it, the ds would probably be the least damaging platform to do it on, since the installed base is a humungoid.

    I’d suggest Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, but I don’t know what you already have so it’s tough to recommend something.

  3. Gideon: Did you change the controls at all in Elder Scrolls 4 to make moving/shooting easier? Or is it something you get used to? I always have trouble with ps2/3 first person shooter type games…

  4. Remember to bring/buy:
    -flip-flops or sandals
    -camera (almost as important as the -passport as far as I’m concerned), -one dollar bills to tip with (tips are usually included on food and drinks but you will need to tip the steward at the end). We tipped our bartender on our cruise and ended up getting free drinks.
    -ID other than your passport. To carry with you in case you get carded. (I know your old but it could happen)
    -Your best poker face, most ships have a casino.

    Hope you drink lots of alcohol and bang lots of women and have a great time.

  5. @the gideon: To be honest, I really only use it for the homebrew stuff. I got the DS as a gift and it just sat around until homebrew apps let me turn it into the world’s hugest iPod.

    Not that I’m not a filthy pirate when it comes to myriad other media. Just sayin’…

  6. It’s all good. I’ve pirated many a thing in my day. I’ve even modded other peoples’ systems so they can get on that gravy train. It’s just that video games are my baby!

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