Vacation Time

This week has been hectic because of my upcoming vacation. I have a few posts saved and they will auto post, such as GOTW. I am not sure if there will be a Heroes post yet, since I fell asleep yesterday during the episode.

Anyways, I will be back in a few days, and promise to post an assload of information about the trip, plus my thoughts on Heroes (it will be a double post). Plus, I have some other stuff I want to post about…I will get to it.

If I do not make it back, well then this is my will:
My Brother: Take whatever DVDs you want, the ones you do not want, give to Steve.
Kacie: My comics. Please read them.
Steve: My computer and surround sound system.
Kern: My books.
Jason’s Sense Of: My debt. Jews are good with money, you would be able to turn that shit around real quick. I kid….
Gideon: Nothing, because you will be right there beside me…

Okay, that wraps it up. Everyone have a great week.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. AWESOME! I get the books! But, don’t comics count as books, since they ARE called comic BOOKS. Then i can sell them to Kacie, give half of the money to our little jew friend which he can invest what money there is appropriately and climb out of your alotted debt, hence completing your very well documented will. I think it’s a great idea…true story.

    As for the aforementioned computer and surround sound to steve. I would like to propose we lay out those electronics and beat on them old school office space style with a 1920’s babe ruth artificially autographed bat screaming “anti-virus auto bit defender?! Da fuck’s that mean?!!!!”

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