2008 Review

So this is my 2008 review of the things that happened in my life, and on my blog. Hopefully it is not too boring…

Umm, post-wise I only had six for the month of January. I really do not remember too much. I know that I worked third shift on New Year’s Eve. I also missed most of the really good football games.

I came up with my Bucket List, which I really did not seem to accomplish much from that, but I will work on it.

I vaguely remember being very lonely back in February, probably because it was cold and I was alone. That is usually how that works.

I realize now that this is where I had my first encounter with Justin at Mugshots. I should have known from bull riding that he was a complete tool bag.

This was also the time of the Clemens steroids crap. Remember how boring that was? Yeah, I forgot too, but now that I read my blog it all comes back to me. When are these losers going to be out of baseball? It was nice not having Bonds or Clemens in the league this year. Or was it? Anyone have an opinion on it.

The highlight of February has to me almost burning down my apartment. I came home from Mugshots and tried to cook a french bread pizza. Sadly I was too drunk and fell asleep. When I woke up, I found a charred log in the oven.

March was a decent month. I remember going out for St. Patrick’s Day. Well not really went out, just wore a green shirt and went over to Mugshots and got really drunk. Especially after a shot of Jameson which made me make the worst face ever.

Speaking of Mugshots, I wrote my first post about the place and some of the crazy folks who go there. Oddly enough the bartenders and my friend Steve enjoyed them and demanded more.

I also tried dating a girl in March. That did not really work out. We went out a few times, and I liked her, but I was just not ready for anything. This was the point that I realized I missed Kacie…

The best thing about March though was doing my baseball picks and setting up my fantasy baseball team. My god do I love that sport. As I have said before, my picks were pretty bad, but not the worst ever. Also, I traded away my top two picks and ended up doing very well in fantasy.

March 31st was the opening day for the Pirates, which ended up being a very screwed up game if I remember correctly.

Sports-wise, lots of great stuff started happening in April. Baseball season had truly begun, March Madness just ended, hockey playoffs were heating up, and the NBA was doing something.

Allow me to tell you this story about a night in Mugshots. Actually it’s more like a day. I went over to watch the Pirate’s home opener against the Cubs. They got their asses kicked, but I drank from 1 p.m. until like 9:30. Around 9ish I had a brilliant idea: chug a bottle of Red Hot. My stomach immediately bloated and I barely made it home.

The next day I woke up and went to work. All day my piss was on fire, and for awhile it was a bright orange. Tip to everyone: NEVER TRY THAT!

I also started reading a bit more at this point. As most of you know, I always read, but for some reasons I will read a ton of books, then I take a few month break. This was the end of that break.

April was also the month where I decided I wanted to go on vacation. I put out my invitation to everyone, but no one really bit on it. Everyone except for Gideon. I bet you all wish you would have gone now bitches!

May was a very cool month. The Pens were kicking ass in the playoffs, awesome movies came out, plenty of beer was drank, and we started playing softball at work.

Let me just say that two incredibly awesome movies came out in May: Iron Man and Prince Caspian. I loved both of them. Does anyone remember how much everyone thought Iron Man was the best comic book movie ever and then Dark Knight came out and people pretty much forgot about Iron Man…

I made a prediction about how Lost would end, and I pretty much nailed it right on. I also thought about how hot Shannon was and how it was sad she had to die.

I also got angry at the mall because I could not find any clothes or shoes. Oddly enough it is December I still have not bought a pair shoes…

We started softball at this point, we had a good season. I only got to play in a few games though. It kind of sucked. Hopefully next season we will work that schedule out so we can all play.

This was also the month where Kacie and I went to Primanti’s in Crafton. If you do not remember this story, allow me to explain. The bartender noticed how into baseball I was and told me that she was dating Dan Uggla and that he was upset that Hanley Ramirez got a larger contract. Something tells me she is crazy…

What a bad month. This was the point where Steve and I got jumped. As of now we have not really heard too much about it. I guess the trial will not be until after the new year…

To make matters worse, George Carlin died. I rarely give a shit when a celebrity dies, but Carlin was my all-time favorite comedian. He will be missed.

June also saw me rock a Hawaiian shirt to work everyday. Most of you laughed at me. Screw you. Soon I will wear a sweater vest to work everyday. Anything to get out of wearing a tie.

The Pens made it to the Stanley Cup finals, but lost to Detroit. Needless to say we drank like they won it anyways. I also got to use the company box at PNC Park to see the Pirates/Astros game, but unfortunately it was during game six of the finals. All of us were paying way closer attention to the tv than to the game. We did drink all the beer in the box though, which was pretty sweet.

I believe June was filled with many nights of me coming home from work or from the bar and watching Boondocks on Cartoon Network. I swear that is all I did for like two weeks.

Now this was a kickass month. The Dark Knight came out, and you all know my thoughts about that.

I also grew a beard because I was on vacation. Yes it was my second vacation of the year, but this one was more fun than the first, even if I only did little things. They were still very fun.

The Pirates made a few trades, namely Bay & Nady. Most fans got upset, but I was pretty excited by the direction the Pirates were going. Yes they suck, but they can only get better by trying to get some decent pitching. The only way that can happen is to make smart trades…

The 4th of July sucked this year. I worked. Big freakin’ deal. The only interesting thing about it was that my brother had to deal with my crazy cousin trying to pay someone to beat him up. This is why I no longer have a family on my mom’s side…

Also in July I went golfing again for the first time in like 4 years. I sucked pretty bad, but had some okay shots. Especially for being awake 32 hours and having no practice rounds or anything. Just playing a stupid company charity event. I wonder if I will play again next summer…

I remember writing this post and then picking up a book to try and read for a bit by the candle light. That is very difficult and for some reason the candle became too hot and cracked the glass. Oops.

The fall TV season started, and the only show that I really liked was True Blood, although I did not like it as much as I thought I would. Oh well.

The highlight of August was definitely going to the Steelers’ preseason game against Carolina. I received the tickets from my mom and stepdad, and took a guy I work with. We had a great time. Unfortunately I did not make it to a real game yet.

Seemed to be a busy month for me. The big thing was Travis Fortney’s birthday extravaganza down in Harrisburg. Revanstrife, Kacie, and I went down to Harrisburg for a fun time. We had a surprise party for T-Bone, then went back to his place and drank a ton of beer. End result:

I made some football predictions…somehow I bet they are way off. We had some major comment wars, which spawned The Yummy Pancake. I have not decided if it has been a failed experiment or not, we shall see where the future takes the pancake…

I also started the GOTW. Which is plenty of fun for me, looking at pictures of hot girls. How would I not like it?

Heroes started. I guess we can say that the season was a failure, but there were some great moments.

I read Brisingr, which actually caused some outside traffic to stray to my site. Kind of cool.

Fantasy baseball ended, Singer was the champion. Next season promises to be interesting, and I hope we can get plenty of people interested in playing.


This month sucked balls. I turned 28. I worked an assload of midnight shifts. Especially over my birthday and over Halloween. That really pissed me off.

On a cool note, I had the amazing dart game that month. I will admit though, since then I have been getting my ass beat by those guys. Except that we were using three darts of unequal weight. I bought some darts and so did Danny, and since then I have been back to form.

Because of all the midnight shifts, I did not go out much or do anything really. I know that I read a few books though and also purchased Iron Man. Also my computer broke, which cost me money and left me without the internet for a few days. That was a rough time.

Yes October sucked, but November rocked the cashbox. Obviously you know that this was my vacation cruise with Gideon and my mom/family. We got ridiculously drunk and had an insane time.
I would like to explain how weird I felt after the cruise. Steve picks me up at the airport and that evening we went out for beers. I was still swaying and thinking the ship was moving for like 2 more days. Luckily beer helped normalize me.

Also, November is Thanksgiving. I closed the store and went home at like 5 a.m. I managed to get a few hours sleep then Adam and I went out to Pap & Gram’s for great food and some Texas Hold ‘Em. I ended up winning like $30, which is always nice.

Needless to say these two events pretty much occupied the entire month.

And here we are. The wonderful month of December. Not a whole lot has happened so far. I worked a bunch. I went out a few nights. Umm, I still have not bought any Christmas presents so far and have no clue what to buy anyone.

I am sure Christmas will be fun, lots of food. Plenty of cards. Seeing great people…

4 thoughts on “2008 Review

  1. sounds like a year 🙂
    I so want you to post a photo of the sweater vests ..I heart those stupid things
    sometimes I’ll wear something just totally out there just to watch peoples expressions.
    most people i know are too polite to actually say anything about it ..

    The last time I think I wore an old bridesmaid dress to a conservative office party.
    It was awesome

  2. Somehow I missed the whole getting jumped thing. I didn’t think stuff like that happened in the Burgh. Definitely not in the Burbs were I live…where did it happen?

  3. I vaguely remember being very lonely back in February, probably because it was cold and I was alone. That is usually how that works.

    That cracked me up.

  4. Cynnie…do not worry, when they come in, I will post a picture of one.

    Offord…it happened in Crafton, which is not really the ‘burbs like Plum (that is where you are from, right?)

    jason….Well I am glad to entertain.

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