8 Items or Less??

Tonight I stopped at Giant Eagle to grab something to eat and a Mountain Dew. Obviously with three items I hopped into the express line. The lady in front of me had like 25 things. Why is it that people cannot understand the sign that says 8 items or less?

I could understand if someone had nine or ten items, that would be fine. But, when you begin to seriously exceed that limit, the cashier needs to step up and tell the person to go to another line.

These are the things that absolutely drive me crazy. Maybe I should become a line vigilante, dispensing justice upon people who break these rules. Without rules there would be line anarchy. If I just randomly jumped line, the cashier would probably tell me to go to the end of the line, so why not punish these people? Someday I will just hit one of these people, or step in front of them and say “Sorry, this is the express line! Move along.”

6 thoughts on “8 Items or Less??

  1. There also should have been “intersection police” at Penn State. Cars and pedestrians just could not live in harmony on campus because drivers were too lazy to put their turn signals on. So a walker would think the car was going straight, then bam, an uncomfortable screeching of tires and a terrified freshman…Get out the shotgun, that gentlemen needs a makeover.

  2. Offord…I think I was guilty of both during my time there. I walked in front of cars all the time, and also mowed down my share of scared freshmen. Fortunately I was never a freshmen at PSU…

    Greg…Not sure about the trench coat, I prefer a cloak.

    jason. I definitely nominate Offord to be the small boy sidekick in green underpants.

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