Girlfriend of the Week

Sorry for the delay on the GOTW, not that it probably affected anyone’s life, but still, I expect better of myself.

Anyways, this week is dedicated to the women of the DC Universe, and this picture was done by Adam Hughes, who definitely draws some gorgeous women. I will give my respect to anyone who can name all the girls.

4 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. I love GOTW! I was pretty upset over it being late. I started cutting. True story.

    Ok, welcome to nerd city…

    Barbara Gordon
    Black Canary
    Power Girl (<3)
    Wonder Woman
    Batwoman (She sure has been used a lot since 52)
    Poison Ivy
    Harley Quinn (only knew because of the thing she’s holding)

    What do I win?

  2. Haha, if you would have lost, I would have been forced to make you pay THE ULTIMATE PRICE!!! (that image only works if you picture me sitting here in Magneto’s helmet, with Thor’s hammer by my side…)

    Side note, have you read Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 3?

  3. Is Ultimatum any good? I haven’t read any of it. To be honest, I don’t know what it’s about… other than that “drunk Magneto passed out in a chair with Mjolnir” image. 🙂

    I haven’t read USM Annual #3. Is it good? I’m about a year or so behind on USM. Last thing I read was the Clone Saga.

  4. It just started, and it seems to be the same story as last time, Magneto hates the world, will take everyone out…but this time he has some doomsday weapon…who knows which way it will go. The great thing about the Ultimate universe, they could be really ballsy (they probably won’t) and kill a bunch of main characters.

    If you read the other two USM annuals, you remember they were very relationship related (feel so girly saying that), and this one was no different. MJ panics because she told Peter she is ready to sling some webs, if you know what i mean, but now she wants to take it back and is afraid he’ll get upset. Very amusing and the artwork is pretty sweet. i recommend checking it out. Also, there is a funny little knock on Secret Invasion…

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