Heroes: “Our Father”

This season is winding down. It definitely has been a let down overall story wise. It started off with a bunch of bad guys getting released, and ended up with another group trying to give powers to the world and Primatech being the good guys. We saw Sylar try to be good, then work for his dad, and now he is back to the old, evil Sylar.

If this episode did not have to be measured up to the overall season, I would say it was an excellent episode. We learn some interesting things about the characters and their fathers. Unfortunately, the odd little season mistakes and annoyances prevail through the episode, which in the end helped drag it down.

Hiro and Claire
The main reason this episode is called “Our Father” has to do with these two time-travelers. They go back sixteen years ago to the moment when Kaito gives Claire to Mr.B. Hiro sees his mom heal a dove and decides to stay and have her heal his mind. Claire goes after the Bennett family in order to protect herself.

Hiro listens in on Kaito explaining to his mom that Hiro is too irresponsible to be given the catalyst. He believes that Hiro will never amount to anything. Young Hiro tells current Hiro that his father does not believe in him and that he is probably right. The two Hiro’s then do the exact same body positions, which was kind of cool (especially when you consider that mentally they are the same age).

Hiro then makes his mom waffles and explains who he is. She believes him and heals his mind. He then remembers everything and hugs her and tells her that he misses her. She gives him the catalyst and then dies.

Meanwhile, Claire befriends Sandra Bennett, and helps her with baby Claire. Mr.B comes home and does not believe Claire’s story. Claire explains that the company wants to take Claire away and do something to her. She also says that his Claire-bear will be in his life for at least sixteen more years. When the phone rings, he decides not to answer it.

Claire and Hiro meet up, where Hiro explains he now has the catalyst. This is where things get confusing. Arthur walks onto the rooftop and takes the catalyst and Hiro’s powers. He then throws Hiro off the roof. Hiro catches a flagpole and hangs on for dear life. Arthur then teleports Claire back to the present time and gives her a message for Angela “Tell her I won.” He then teleports back to Pinehearst and uses the catalyst to activate the formula.

How the hell did he teleport back in time? Or was that the Arthur from that time? If that were the case, how did he know what to do or when to go? Also, if he wanted to steal Hiro’s powers, why did he not just do this back in Africa? That is the problem with this season, good episodes are ruined by the silliness of the season theme.

Now the bad man, just gets more bad ass. After killing Elle, he uses her phone to call Arthur. He says that he has a whole list of new powers (from her phone) and that he wants to know the truth. Arthur says that he is Sylar’s father and that he should return. Sylar says he will.

He pays a girl a visit who can detect when people are lying. He slams her to the wall and before he cuts her head open, says that it will not hurt. And then very sheepishly says oh wait, I lied. She screams and her office mates come in to give her a surprise birthday cake. They see Sylar covered in blood and he says “oooh cake.” Classic.

Later he rides the elevator up to see Arthur with some guy who keeps staring at all the blood he is covered in. Sylar just smiles. Once at the office, he stops the bullet that Peter shoots at Arthur. Asks if he really is his son. Arthur says yes, and Sylar’s new power indicates he is lying. He releases the bullet, which kills Arthur. Sylar then turns to Peter and says “do not worry, you have nothing I want.” Peter sends the Haitian after Sylar.

Here is the big question. How will Peter get his power back? Will he use the formula? What if everyone who used the formula was given Peter’s power? They would be useless because they would all end up with flight from Nathan, haha. Sorry, just thinking out loud. I kind of thought that when Arthur died, he would give back everyone their powers.

So, one week to go and then they can reboot for the next arc.

3 thoughts on “Heroes: “Our Father”

  1. I thought the same thing when Arthur teleported, but just assumed when he grabbed Hiro’s head he took the power. Who knows? He could have been the Arthur from the past, just using invisibility. But, that would alter so many things it would just blow your mind.

    Sylar was pretty cool in this episode..I just can’t get past his constant sways in morality. Whatever, they constantly play the “it’s his power controlling him” to explain why he’s good then bad again…Whatever. I found it hard to believe and of the Mr. B / Claire meeting in the past…no way he lets that happen. Plus, he somehow looked older. He needs to be wearing his glasses…

  2. He got the space/time power from Peter, duh. Did you all forget Peter had that already?

    I did like the fact that the Haitians power could be overridden if one was powerful enough.

    I do wonder that if/when Hiro and Peter get their powers back (I assume it would be from the formula) would it be their same power? If one can choose the power, why would they choose the same thing they already had?

    And what of Captain America…?

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