Heroes: “The Eclipse Part 2”

It looks like this years finale will be about four episodes long. I was down with this episode. Everything that happened seemed to be pretty cool and seems to be going on the right track.

Peter and Nathan
Peter and the Haitian rescue Nathan from Baron Samedi. As they make a run for it, soldiers come after them, Peter says he will stay behind to distract them. Nathan argues, but Peter says that since he has no powers, he is expendable. Peter holds the soldiers off for a bit, but then runs out of ammo and surrenders.

Nathan and the Haitian come back, both with their powers. Nathan flies into the Baron, slamming him into a car, but that does nothing to the unstoppable dictator. The Haitian then uses his power to defeat his brother. Nathan then tells Peter that he is going to join the Pinehearst group because if everyone had powers, the world would be a better place. He flies away, leaving Peter and the Haitian.

Sylar & Elle/Mr.B & Claire
After some hardcore sex, the two get shot at by Mr.B. They escape, but not before Elle gets hit. Mr.B tracks them to a grocery store, where he and Sylar have a nice battle. And by battle, I mean Sylar gets his ass kicked, then his throat cut.

At this point, Claire has just died, but when the eclipse goes away, she comes back to life. She is angry that Mr.B was not there for her when she needed him. When he hears she died, he becomes afraid, and for good reason. Sylar and Elle are downstairs.

Sylar is about to kill Mr.B when something very unexpected happens. Well not too unexpected, since everyone knew it was coming. Anyways, Hiro teleports in and grabs Sylar and says “Bad man” and takes him away, then reappears and takes Elle away as well. He then comes back and picks up Claire and they go back in time. More on that in a minute.

Hiro took Elle and Sylar to a beach somewhere (what a nice guy, I would have dumped them in Antarctica). They have a little talk, then Sylar climbs on top of her and tells her that he cannot change who he is, and that he will always have issues. He is perplexed by the things Mr.B said, especially about the Petrelli’s not being his parents.

Elle tells Sylar that he is hurting her, and he says “I know.” He then cuts her head open and the hottest girl on the show dies. But, we get our favorite villain back, so that is a good thing.

At the comic store, Ando gets Hiro to read a whole bunch of 9th Wonders. Breckin believes they are who they say they are, but Seth does not. Matt realizes they will get their powers back and goes to see Daphne before she can run away.

Hiro sees his father die and all the bad things that happen and he locks himself in the bathroom. Seth talks to him and tells him that if he were truly Hiro, he would step up and accept his responsibility. Hiro comes out and says thank you. They discover in issue one that Hiro and Claire were at the meeting when Hiro’s father gives Mr.B the baby Claire. That is when Hiro teleports in and saves Claire.

They then go back to that point and watch the hand off, in hopes of Hiro getting his memory back. Seth sees Hiro teleport and now believes them. He says that this would be the last 9th Wonders issue, but there is a rumor that Isaac gave his sketchbook to a bike messenger before he died. That is where Matt, Daphne, and Ando will probably go now.

Here is the question though, how will Peter get his powers back? Will the Haitian be able to help him out? When they defeat Arthur, will Peter’s come back? Will Peter have a showdown against Sylar and Nathan? Or will Sylar just become a complete monster and try to kill everyone? So many questions, so little time left.

4 thoughts on “Heroes: “The Eclipse Part 2”

  1. I think the show is definitely getting back on track. There are still too many mistakes and holes from earlier in the season for them to fix everything, but it’s getting there.

    Why did Sylar need to kill Elle? He had her powers already…that was confusing. And why does Claire constantly pull the whiny I’m mad at daddy routine when she always finds out in the end that he was doing whatever it took to save her? Ridiculous. At least he’s still on the show.

    Since you didn’t mention Mohinder, I will say a little. He went to see Maya because he thought his powers were gone and he was back to his old self. But, the eclipse ended right when he was knocking on her door, causing him to get his fly-like marks back. He bolts from the scene leaving Maya scratching her head. Weird she would forgive him after he tried to kill her. Seems likely.

    After that Suresh goes back to Pinehearst where he will now experiment on Claire’s uncle. I forget his name, but the fire guy. Sucks for him.

    Just a comment, but if Arthur got Hiro’s powers he would be unstoppable. I wonder if that will be his next major target. Also, is it too early to begin guessing how they will stop Arthur? The Haitian seems like a good guess.

  2. I maintain, as I do on Lost: unless they actually show the alleged victim perishing, they’re still alive. I’m sure the writers do these fade-outs and such for the explicit purpose of bringing people back in the future if they feel like it. Either way, Elle’s alive in my eyes till I see a body. Preferably sans clothing.

    With regards to defeating Arthur, I think it could effectively be done the same way they took care of Adam initially. Or they could ramp it up a notch and bring back the vortex guy.

    Also, isn’t Arthur pretty much just a leveled up version of Sylar? Mohinder beat the piss out of Sylar by himself (but who hasn’t at this point), so maybe eventually Mohinder will just Hulk out and destroy everything – Arthur included.

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