Princeps Fury

I just finished the latest Codex Alera book, Princeps Fury, by Jim Butcher. This series just keeps getting better. He continues to surprise and make the characters grow with each book.

Anyways, back in this post I mentioned how the main character, Tavi, was a more interesting character than Eragon. Granted I only touched upon it, but with each book, this becomes more and more obvious.

In the first book, Tavi is a boy without any furies. Everyone in Alera can use furies, what they are is not really important, but think of it as elemental magic. He is the only one who cannot. He grows up being called a freak and picked on. This forces Tavi to use his mind when dealing with problems.

Later at the academy we see him as someone constantly being bullied, but then we learn the truth. His sheepishness is a ruse. He has become one of the better hand to hand fighters and will one day make a great Cursor (spy).

He is next sent to one of the far away border legions, which comes under attack. After many of his superiors are killed, Tavi must step up and become the leader. He leads his men to victory and holds off the invasion. It is at this time that Tavi learns of his past and uses that to take control of the situation he is in. He also learns that he can use furies, but that it will take him some time to learn how to control them.

He started out as the boy who would never sacrifice a life, to a leader who knows that some of his men will be hurt, to now being a genuine leader and knowing that the realm of Alera comes first. He understands that what is best for all the people, not be good for a few.

Anyways, I kept planning on writing something like this, and was going to write about how Eragon is the opposite, but really, do I need to?

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