The Spirit

Over Christmas, The Spirit comes out. For those of you who have seen the previews, it looks like Sin City and 300, well that is because Frank Miller (the writer of both those comics) is directing this one.

I have a feeling this will be very cool, visually, but I am somewhat afraid that it will be slightly cheesy. Especially the dialogue, if Miller turns the Spirit into the Goddamn Batman, we are all in trouble…

4 thoughts on “The Spirit

  1. I’m kind of hoping for The Goddamn Spirit.

    “I’m the Goddamn Spirit, and I’ll wear a goddamn red tie if I goddamn want to!”

    Thanks for linking to BO, btw.

  2. As someone who never actually read Frank Miller, when I first saw the preview for this I was quite surprised to see it looked EXACTLY like Sin City…does he just write/draw/color all his graphic novels this way (other than 300)? Sort of seems unoriginal, especially with Sin City 2 coming out, next year? Still, it looks cool…

  3. Offord…no, just his Sin City stuff is the black/white. He helped Rodriguez on the set with Sin City, and I guess he feels that he is now a director.

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