24: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

This episode was okay, not fantastic, but okay. Agent Walker does not die, apparently Tony and Jack sent Bill and Chloe to the location to rescue her. Does anyone know how they did that without Emerson noticing?

At the meeting place, Emerson figures something is up and takes Jack hostage, Tony shoots the other guy, then shoots Emerson in the shoulder and neck. Tony must have had feelings for Emerson because they had plenty of long adoring gazes into each others eyes…

Jack convinces the prime minister to be taken by Do-Bak-O (I am not even going to attempt to spell that one correctly). Chloe puts a tracer on his tooth and Nickles stops to make the exchange. Nickles has been ordered to kill Emerson and his team.

Tony explains that he killed everyone and wants the diamonds for himself. Nickles’ men attempt to kill Tony, but a hidden Jack snipes one and Tony takes control of the situation. They make the exchange (Tony and Jack have the diamonds, I bet they give them back to the Sangalan prime minister…)

That is the basic gist of the episode. The other plot lines going, well they were pretty weak.

Carly Pope’s character (Samantha?) is escorted by the Secret Service back to her place. Told to go up and get a few things so they can take her to a safe-house. She knows her life is in danger, yet leaves the key under the mat? Also, it does not seem weird to her that an agent would allow her to go up to her place unaccompanied? In fact, if her life was in danger, they would just take her to the safe-house, did she not want to ask a few questions? She is hot, but a knife in the back seems well deserved for stupidity.

Does our government really run this way? If a cabinet member disagrees they are forced to resign? That happens every season, and I always wonder what the point of having a cabinet if they are not allowed to voice dissent.

Also, when the President asks if her cabinet is assembled, did anyone notice the cute Asian girl? I bet she is the Secretary of Agriculture. It would be great if she would raise her hand and ask “I know this is a bit off topic, but what the hell is the point of me being here? I only know about crops and cattle.” And then she gets angry and resigns…

So there we have it. Agent Walker did not die, we still do not have the CIP Device, Do-Bak-U crashes two planes over Washington DC, and a hot girl dies. Easy to sum up.

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  1. Yeah, the reasoning behind the CTU peeps showing up is pretty paradoxical, which I’m sure is why they left it out. I guess any solution would’ve been unbelievable though, and she’ll serve some purpose later on I’m sure, so they couldn’t kille her (she’s the mole! You heard it here first).

    Other things I wonder are:
    – do pilots really not pay attention when flying? you’ve got a pretty big line of sight up there, would you really not see another plane coming up on your periph? And what are the chances they’d be the exact same altitude, even if an air traffic controller told them what to be?

    – I second your governmental concerns. there’s no way this much resigning goes on because of differences of opinion. that’s crazy talk.

    – didn’t it seem like Jack ties up this particular story arc next week on the preview? maybe things will continue on the government mole side of things. which would be gay.

    – it’s “dubaku”.

    – i can see officials allowing someone to get personal items before going to a safe house. especially if the protection is solely for her and not a matter of national security. perhaps not going up alone though.

  2. –You might be right on the whole mole thing. She seemed overly upset to hear that there was a mole in the FBI.

    –I thought the same thing as a kid when i saw Die Hard II. But, you have to remember, a pilot relies on air traffic control to guide them in safely. if they get a heading, i am sure they don’t think twice.

    –hasn’t this been the story the last few seasons? the terrorist threat is actually a small cog in a bigger terrorist threat? Jack will probably find out that the president’s husband has the nuke codes and plans to destroy Antarctica because an oil company owned by Jack’s third cousin twice removed found out there is oil there…

    -I know, but i will continue to spell it however i want.

    -But, she was in danger from the beginning, why does she have her key under that mat? I would want an escort into my place if my life was in danger…not that the other dude would not have helped kill her.

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