24: 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.

I was very excited about this episode. Figured it would lead us to some cool stuff. Like maybe Jack killing or torturing someone. Boy, was I wrong.

Jack uses homemade gas to smoke the Prime Minister out of the panic room. Agent Walker tries to go in alone, but gets captured. Tony and Jack convince Emerson that they need to torture her to discover what else she learned from Tanner. Emerson agrees at first, but then his boss informs him that she nor the FBI know anything. Emerson orders Jack to kill her.

They go to an abandoned construction site where she berates Jack for being a traitor. Jack tells her to trust him and that she will live. He shoots her neck and puts her in a ditch. He and Tony then bury her alive in dirt. I am sure he dropped his cell phone in there or something. She will manage to get out and then call the FBI…or she will die and Jack will get a kill. Win-Win situation.

The Secret Service guy that protects the First Dude turns out to be the guy who killed Roger. He poisons the First Dude and plans to kill Roger’s girl and make it look like a murder suicide. Does anyone really care about this story?

It turns out that the computer guy at the FBI with the bad attitude, does anyone remember his name? Well anyways, he just saved his wife’s plane and then we learn that he is banging the cute blond in his office. And now that his wife is safe, he is back to checking the blond out. Good to see that everyone is focused during a crisis.

Should the President go through with the attack on Sangala? I say yes, never negotiate with terrorists.

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  1. I’m digging the season thus far. For the most part I like the change to an FBI centered HQ, though it’s essentially the exact same thing. The players over there I’m not too enamored with, though.

    Walker I’m cool with. The top dog started out fine, but w/ these seeming feelings for Walker starting to come into play I’m feeling more annoyed with him. Garofalo I just find hard to look at, but that dates back years. Her character is decent enough (for being a budget version of Chloe). The douchebag dude annoys me even more than Janeane’s general appearance. He appears to have been written to evoke that sort of feeling, so I can’t blame him too much. But the interoffice romance, the caring/not caring for his wife, the condescension; I kinda wanna punch him in the forehead.

    Overall I think it’s dumb to include a covert CTU, but I like the characters so I’ll let it slide.

    The whole first husband side plot I also find stupid, and I can’t let this one slide. Do these bad guys really think that the alleged suicide of two members of the President’s immediate family is really gonna not be looked into further by the powers that be? They must be really deep into all areas of government (secret moles in organizations: also stupid). I also don’t care about any of the characters in this subplot. I’m sure it’ll all tie together eventually, but I wouldn’t mind seeing less of it now. (though doesn’t the sons girlfriend look like a young Rena Sofer?)

    Bringing Tony back I’m fine with also, since he and Jack have good chemistry. Jack needs to be in more situations where he can cause physical harm to random hooligans, though.

    Whether the President goes through with the attack on Sangala does hinge on whether or not they can get whatshisface back. Without someone to take the place of the fallen regime, anarchy will occur, potentially causing the same deaths you initially attempted to save. It’s a tough call at this stage in the game.

  2. Gideon…I am also digging the season as well. The FBI does not bother me as much as make it seem, i just wish they would portray it with a different dynamic. Know what I mean?

    Remember in season one, did not Tony give off that same vibe? You always thought he was the bad guy at CTU (at least I did) and then it turned out to be Nina.

    Speaking of covert CTU, I completely agree.

    Apparently our government does not run background checks.

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