24: 8:00 a.m-12 p.m.

It is so exciting to finally have a new season of 24. The four hour premiere was pretty awesome. Obviously way too much happened for me to just recap everything, so let me break it down into things I liked and disliked.

The Good
-The Senate hearing with Jack was cool. His attitude was awesome. “Yes, I broke the Geneva Convention, screw you. I saved lives.” Obviously I paraphrased, or did I?
-Agent Walker is hot. And she tortured a guy, that was great.
-Even though CTU is gone, Chloe and Tony are back. I was actually excited that Tony was the bad guy.
-The terrorist group that Jack is working with right now seems pretty badass, especially this Emerson guy, although for a guy who trained with British SAS, where is his accent? I look forward to the Jack vs. Emerson fight.

The Bad

-The plot so far seems like a mixture of Die Hard II and Live Free and Die Hard…please tell me that they retrieve this CFIP device (or whatever it is called) and we find out that there is an even larger threat. And please do not let it be the Chinese trying to steal that as well. Lets bring in a completely random group, like the French.
-The big thing was that they were getting rid of CTU and trying something different, but they did not do that. The FBI is basically CTU Lite. Plus, Chloe and the gang are still there. Do not get me wrong, I love Chloe, but I feel like we are not seeing anything new.
-Seriously, stop putting a mole in every agency or department. I mean, there was one in the Secret Service for Redemption. Now the FBI. I cannot get a job with the Postal Service because of a criminal record, yet people with terrorist ties can become Secret Service? Odd.
-Jack has yet to torture anyone. Really torture anyone. I miss that. I hated the stupid chemicals they started using at CTU, let Jack use the towel method again, or the wire from a lamp…does anyone else watch this show and just want to go out and catch a terrorist. Just to torture them? Only me? I am seriously messed up in the head.

Anyways, I will probably watch this over Heroes for awhile. I will TiVo Heroes in my room and watch it later or the next day. Let me hear what you thought of the premiere so far.

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