Another Super Long Batch of Comic Reviews

I recently finished most of the comics I received for Christmas, with the exception for a few comics that I will read later. Here are a few short reviews on a random selection (okay, not that random).

Batman R.I.P.
Honestly, I have no clue what to think about the conclusion to this story. Turns out that Batman had prepared for even this kind of mental attack and was able to defeat the bad guys. Then in order to tie the book in with Final Crisis, they show Batman being held by Darkseid’s goons who are trying to make an army of mindless batmen.

Now, Detective Comics was actually okay. Aside from the whole Hush removing Selina’s heart out, the story was decent. I never know how to feel about the character of Tommy Elliot, but the ending of him being completely destroyed by Selina was pretty sweet. I just can never believe that Hush is a match for Nightwing, let alone Batman, it seems really silly. Fortunately Dini can make the story work.

Secret Invasion
The big complaint was that nothing really happened in the end. That is quite true, there was a great build up, then no one died, no one turned out to be a Skrull, the people who were replaced came back.

The only cool thing that happened as a result of all this was the Tony Stark being fired as head of SHIELD and then Norman Osborne taking over for him. Seems like they could have some fun with this.

Without really saying everything Jason said over at his site, I will just say that I stuck through it. It was definitely not the best event comic ever, but as of right now, unless Final Crisis comes up big, it still has that one beat.

Final Crisis
I read issues 4 and 5, and a bunch of the tie-ins. First off, the tie-ins need to say which order they should be read. I ended up reading stuff out of order and stuff never really made any sense. That being said, after reading them in the right order, stuff still did not make sense.

Only two issues to go and then the good guys will be done forever. Darkseid will rule our world. Which Grant Morrison did before in JLA: Rock of Ages, I think that was the storyline. Anyone remember how the heroes rose up and killed Darkseid? Green Arrow fired an arrow with the Atom riding on the tip, Atom was able to pass through Darkseid’s forcefield because he rode in with some photons. Went inside big D’s brain and killed him…if Final Crisis ends the same way, I will probably laugh a good bit.

Dark Reign #1
This was actually a good story. Bendis and Maleev back, even if for just one issue makes me very happy. This story focused on a new Illuminati forming together. Osborne calls a meeting between Namor, Dr. Doom, Emma Frost, Loki (who is in a very large breasted female form), and the Red Hood.

Norman suggests that they work together. He will leave them alone, but they kind of work for him. Instead of being like Fury and Stark and constantly attacking them, he will help them get what they want. Norman also reveals to them that he has some big time help to back him up, which frightens the others. Who could it be?

At the end, Doom and Namor stick around and discuss what to do. Doom says they wait until Norman implodes and they can clean up the pieces.

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3
The last two USM Annuals were based on relationship stuff, like Peter and Kitty Pryde going on a date. This one was no different, but like the others extremely fun to read.

The story introduces the Ultimate Mysterio, and the story gives Spider-Man a chance to establish a relationship with the police, who actually want his help on this case. Again, this is not what made the book so good.

It starts with MJ telling Peter that she is ready to “do it.” But then, later at school she avoids Peter and at her news club meeting, the Ultimate Jessica Jones deduces that Spider-Man goes to their school and they should figure out who it is. MJ tries to tell Peter, but all he wants to do is talk about why she is avoiding him.

The dialogue is completely hilarious, there is a moment in the police station where a lady dressed as Spider-Woman is screaming “Embrace Change!” Or when MJ is telling Peter about the news team working on his identity:
MJ: She has the entire news department working on Spider-Man!
Peter: Wow. All four of you?
He pretty much uses that joke a few more times when she says the news department. Anyways, the art is really cool, David Lafuente gives it a very cartoony look and also a few anime touches.

Crossed #2
Ever wonder what a Zombie story would be like if the zombies were actually somewhat smart? Well Garth Ennis delivers that in Crossed. There has been no explanation as to what happened, but we are seeing our main characters chased and tortured in the only way Ennis knows how. Seriously, this book has some very fucked up moments.

For example, the crossed jerk off onto a bunch of bullets and then use them to shoot at the survivors, knowing that will change them into crossed as well.

Ex Machina #40
This issue was a nice little stand alone after the storyline about the crazy chick ended. We all see the problems that Kremlin is creating, and it is only a matter of time before Hundred is no longer the mayor, so this was just a nice break from all that.

Tony Harris and Brian K. Vaughn are in the comic as a writer and artist auditioning for the job of doing the mayors biography in a comic book form. BKV writes plenty of little jokes in there, such as being confused as Bendis or not wanting to do the whole metaphysical stories like Grant Morrison.

BKV tells the mayor why he stayed in NYC after 9/11 and how much he loves the city. Hundred then tells him to go to L.A. and be with his girlfriend, that the city will be okay without him. As BKV leaves the meeting, Harris asks how it went and he says it went well.

The last two pages are from those memoirs and the last page shows the beginning of the new series, with the joke being that it is written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Jim Lee. Very fun little jab there from BKV. If you read his blog, you know he enjoys a little self-deprication.

Alright, that does it for this round. Maybe I will do a review of all the different Warren Ellis comics I just finished.