Lost: Episode 503

This episode picked up where last week left off,except that it narrowed it’s focus just a bit. Instead of focusing on everyone, we have two stories (well maybe you could say three).

The Adventures of Desmond Hume
The episode begins with Desmond searching for a doctor at some crazy little Asian town. He finds one, and they return to the boat where Penny gives birth to a little boy, named Charlie. I wonder if Des will ever call him Brotha?

Back to the present, or whatever the present is on this show. Desmond tells Penny that he has to go to Oxford to find Daniel’s mom. She says that it will be dangerous, especially if her father finds out that Desmond is alive and well.

At Oxford, there seems to be no record of Faraday. Desmond goes to his lab, and the janitor says that they covered up everything Daniel did after what he did to that girl. Later we see Desmond at the girl’s place. Her sister tells Desmond that the girl sometimes thinks she is young, or that she is talking with their father. Obviously her mind is traveling through time, something Desmond is quite familiar with. The lady informs Desmond that Charles Widmore pays for everything, and he was the one funding Faraday’s work.

Desmond storms into Widmore’s office and demands to know where Faraday’s mother is located. Charles tells Desmond to stay out of this because he does not want Penny to get hurt. He then gives Desmond an address in Los Angeles. Desmond returns to the boat, and lies to Penny. She pries the truth out of him, and she says they will go to L.A. together.

This does not bode well for Desmond, since he promised Penny he would not return to the island. I will bet money that he will find out that he needs to return with Jack and Ben…

The Time Traveling Islanders
Daniel and his little group get captured by Ellie. They are taken to Richard, and Daniel informs them that he can diffuse the bomb, which the American military brought to the island to test. Richard says he was forced to kill them.

Daniel checks the bomb, and tells Ellie to bury it and fill it with lead. He says that 50 years from now the island is still around, so the bomb must not have went off.

Sawyer, Juliet, and Locke interrogate their prisoners. It turns out the Others speak Latin. Juliet convinces the one to take them to their camp, but the other guy kills him. We find out that the other one is a very young Charles Widmore.

Locke walks right into the camp and demands to speak to Richard. He tells Richard that he is their leader and then says that Jacob sent him. He shows Richard the compass, then tells Richard to visit John after he is born in 1956 (it is currently 1954). Richard does not tell Locke how to make the jumping stop or how to get off the island.

Apparently the speculation is that Ellie recognized Daniel when she said “You just couldn’t keep away.” But I believe she meant the American military. However, I do believe that Juliet knows Ellie. Also, does anyone think that Ellie may be Charlotte’s mom?

Here is another interesting tidbit. Before Charlie died, Desmond told him that he saw Claire getting onto the helicopter with Aaron, but only if Charlie died saving them. What happened to that?

4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 503

  1. Desmond can’t call his son, “Brootha,” because he’ll be too busy calling him, “Chally.”

    I was pretty pumped when they revealed that young guy was Widmore. It’s crazy the comeback this show has made.

  2. On that last point … maybe when Desmond inevitably has to return to the island with the rest of the Six, they’ll return to the not-too-distant past, and somehow influence events so that everyone (Claire included) is saved from whatever eventual catastrophe is coming. Hopefully, though, they’ll avoid going far enough back in time to save Boone and Shannon. Fuck, I hated those two.

  3. Nick…Boone and Shannon, I always laugh that they were only on the island for like 3 months, and Sayid no longer even mentions Shannon.

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