Lost: Episodes 501 & 502

The wait is finally over. The new season of Lost premiered last night, which I unfortunately missed because of work, but caught it online today. For those of you who have given up on this show, all I can say is: sucks to be you.

The season started off great. I guess this season they plan on doing something different instead of flashforwards or flashbacks. These first two episodes saw the island moving through time (or at least the people), that allows the writers to show us what is happening on the island, explain some of the unexplained, and also bounce around what happened during the three years since the Oceanic Six left the island.

Here is the gist of what is happening.

On The Island
Daniel tells everyone that the flashes are moving them through time, or the island is moving. They go to the hatch and kind of confirm that they are moving (because in the past the hatch is not blown up). Daniel then goes to Desmond (who is still in the hatch) and tells him to find his mother at Oxford when he gets rescued.

Later on the beach some hostiles attack and kill a good bit of the unimportant folks. Speaking of attacks, Sawyer and Juliet get captured by them and Locke comes and kills them.

Speaking of Locke, he gets a nice visit from Richard. He explains to Locke that he must return everyone to the island. And to do that, he must die? Who knows what that means. Also, Locke gets shot by Ethan. Weird…

Off The Island
Sayid rescues Hurley from the mental institution. They go to a safe-house and get attacked. Sayid kills the bad guys, but gets hit with a poison dart. Hurley takes him away, but not before everyone thinks Hurley killed the men. While on the run, Hurley gets pulled over by a cop and it turns out to be Ana Lucia, who is still very dead. She is a figment of his imagination. She gives him advice, then says “Libby says hi.” She may be imaginary, or maybe the dead really visit Hurley…

Ben has Jack cleaned up and ready to head back to the island. Jack then saves Sayid from the poison dart, while Ben visits Hurley. Sayid gave Hurley the advice to never trust Ben. Hurley then turns himself into the police to escape Ben.

Later Ben visits the lady who talked with Desmond that time (I cannot remember her name), she says that Ben only has 70 hours to get the group together, and if not “well God help us all.” She seems to be a scientist, and something tells me she is Daniel’s mommy.

Desmond wakes up and tells Penny that he had a dream about the island, but that it was not really a dream, it was a memory, and they begin to sail back to port…I am guessing he will visit Daniel’s mom.

Some lawyers pay a visit to Kate and tell her they want a blood sample of her and Aaron. She refuses, and after they leave she packs some bags and leaves with her kid. Well, Claire’s kid, but whatever. She tries to call Jack, but then gets a call from Sun.

They have a wonderful lunch, and then Sun (who already told Charles Widmore that she wants to kill Ben), basically informs Kate that she should do whatever it takes to protect Aaron (kill the lawyers).

Something tells me that Ben (or Sun) hired the lawyers. Ben would do it to scare Kate into running so that he could approach her and convince her to return to the island. Sun might do it to try and frame it on Ben, getting Kate angry enough to attempt to kill Ben. Just a thought.

Obviously I am leaving lots of stuff out. The episodes were awesome. My favorite line came from Hurley to Sayid: “Maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn’t have to go around shooting people.”

For those of you who watched it, please let me know what you thought. Any theories?

7 thoughts on “Lost: Episodes 501 & 502

  1. 1. I am not sure that Locke is actually dead. Ben said some things that lead me to believe he might not be.

    2. Was the lady in the monastery the same lady that talked to Desmond about not being able to change things in time(back when he bought the ring to give to Penny)? Was it the same monastery that Desmond was in? and lastly, is this woman Daniel’s mother?

    3. I was thinking about when Richard came to visit Locke as a child and asked him to pick an object. Do you think he was supposed to pick the compass?? Just a thought since Richard then gave him a compass in this episode

    4. I think that this proves that Ethan killed the other Priest that survived the crash of Yemis plane. Instead of shooting Locke cause originally Locke wasn’t there Ethan killed the priest. Does that make sense??

    Just thinking out loud. I hope some of that makes sense. I can’t wait for this season to really get going and things start coming together…hopefully!

  2. @Shellie’s #1:

    I completely got that feeling, that someone Locke’s death was faked. I read a lot of comics and it’s commonplace to fake your death with drugs that slow your body processes to a crawl for a time, making you appear dead. I’d bet that’s what happened here, seeing as Lost is a giant live-action comic book.

    @Ngewo: Man, I’m glad this show is back on track. My favorite line of any show is Desmond saying, “Brootha.”

  3. I fake my death all the time with those drugs. Oh wait, that’s booze and I am usually just passed out for 15 hours…

    I am pretty sure that is the lady Desmond talked to. And I am betting strong money she is Daniel’s mother.

    As to number four. Remember, Daniel said that you cannot change time. I think Einstein said it too. I never argue with those guys. Ethan shoots Locke, goes back to Ben and tells him everything that happened. Explains how Ben knew that Locke was to be the next leader and took such a keen interest in him. I may watch the first season just to see when Boone and Locke find the plane, if Locke mentions there was a struggle or anything outside…

    Jason…haha, i too love anytime Desmond says Brootha.

  4. BKV, Loeb, and I think Dini was on it for awhile, right? I lecture my girlfriend about those guys all the time, since she’s not into comics, yet Lost is her favorite show.

    “This show is a comic book made by comic book writers. You might as well be reading Spider-Man, you know. Are you going to be happy when Locke develops heat vision?”

  5. Loeb was one of the producers for most of season 2 (i believe)…Dini wrote the episode called “The Moth” (i looked it up)…BKV though has taken over the head writing duties, and you can almost see the directional shift when he took over…

    If Locke develops heat vision, that would be awesome. I bet he would immediately kill a boar.

  6. Do you know exactly when he took over? Was it sometime last season, because the show seemed to come back strong last year.

    Let’s email BKV our SuperLocke idea. We’ll be rich!

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