My Boy Carl

Most of you probably notice the adultswim cartoons I post on here sometimes. Right? Well some of you do, that is all that matters. Anyways, there is a point to those. I usually check once a week to see if there is a new Carl on football. And without disappointing me, Carl delivered.

6 thoughts on “My Boy Carl

  1. I suck. I haven’t watched this show in years. 😐 The Kurt Warner/Jesus stuff killed me.

    We got an iTunes review today on our podcast. Was it you?

  2. Son of a bitch. It just showed up today. That’s why I called you a liar. I thought you were just messing around.

    As per the rules of our “contest,” I owe you two comics. If you want them, email us your address and I’ll hook you up.

  3. Haha, i don’t think the original one went through. because i said the word vagina.

    I am almost frightened about the comics I might get…

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