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So the results are decided that King Edmund will become the most famous Narnian of all. It was pretty much a landslide…okay not really. Anyways, my new poll has to deal with this subject: Which college football conference is the strongest?

Most of you that follow this sort of thing have heard all year long everyone talk about how great the Big 12 and SEC were and that the Big Ten and Pac-10 were not as strong as they usually were except for their top two teams. Well let us look at the results. Yes I sat around and figured out every conferences bowl game record, I was bored.

ACC: 4-6. No noteworthy victories except VA Tech beating Cincinnati.
MWC: 3-2. Obviously Utah beating Alabama (ranked number one for a good chunk of the season, and a dominant team in the SEC), but also TCU ending Boise State’s undefeated run.
WAC: 1-4. Not a good showing from the WAC…
C-USA: 4-2. Record looks good in the bowls, but mostly against the other small conferences, East Carolina got beat by Kentucky (SEC team who was 2-6 in their conference).
Big East: 4-2. One of those wins was UConn over Buffalo and Rutgers over North Carolina State (who finished with a 6-7 record…)
PAC-10: 5-0. Only undefeated conference. USC beats PSU, Oregon State crushes Pitt (3-0), Oregon over Oklahoma State, but there was no match up with the SEC…a shame.
Sun Belt: 1-1. Haha, seriously, why is this a conference?
MAC: 0-5. Oh, I guess it was so the Sun Belt conference could get that lonely win, but why did the MAC get five teams invited?
Big Ten: 1-5. Umm, wow, I knew we were a bad conference, but really that bad? Although, OSU almost beat Texas.
Big 12: 3-3. Lost in the championship game to the SEC, the big guns all got beat except for Texas. They were also 0-2 against the SEC.
SEC: 6-2. Obviously won the national title. Pretty much beat up on every conference. The big loss was Alabama. Their only other loss was against the Big 10, but come on, it was Iowa against South Carolina who was 4-4 in conference.

Obviously this kind of thing does not really mean too much since any team could win against any other team, well okay maybe not. But I would like to go on the record as apologizing to the SEC for saying how overrated those teams were. All except Alabama, I do think that PSU would beat them. Anyways, please vote on your right.

Please discuss your reasoning and thoughts in the comments, where I will let you know how I voted.

3 thoughts on “Poll Results/New Poll Day

  1. I should have labeled the poll as strongest conference. Honestly, who voted for the Big Ten? Iowa had the only win and that was against a crappy team…

    I voted the SEC, but it was a really tough choice for me. The Pac-10 was much better than I thought, and really turned it on at the end of the year…

    Personally, I think USC really was the best team in the country, I think they would have beat Florida or Oklahoma. But now we shall never know.

  2. SEC if you like defense, Big 12 if you like offense. Really a toss up, but I’ll take SEC since they won the national championship and had 8 bowl eligible teams.

  3. I voted like yourself, but someone on ESPN Radio made a good point the other day. The Big 12’s powerful offense was shown to be a sham during the bowl games. None of the teams even came close to their averages. They put up ridiculous numbers playing against what one would call weak Big 12 defense…

    The SEC was as good as advertised defensively. I really think the Pac-10 should be considered as well. I guess they would be my number 2…The bigten needs to step up. I honestly believe PSU and OSU were good and could probably have competed in any conference, but not dominated…

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