Some Movie Thoughts

Since I am bored today and do not feel like getting ready for work, I decided to share some of my thoughts on movie news.

-Apparently Cowboy Bebop is going to be made into a live-action film. Keanu Reeves will star as Spike.

Lots of people think this is a bad choice, since Reeves has no real emotional depth as an actor. It actually does not bother me all that much. Spike generally showed a disinterest in whatever they were doing. I think it could work. I am also pretty excited about the idea of them making this movie…

Watchmen will be released March 6th. For those of you who do not know what the hell I am talking about, two studios had a battle over distribution rights. Anyways, the movie will be released and we shall all enjoy in the awesomeness.

-So late at night, I love to watch bad films. Recently I sat through Vampire’s Kiss. This movie was terrible, but also extremely funny. I wish I could have had some robots here to make fun of it MST3K style. Also, it turns out that Cage ate two cockroaches for the movie. Just read the wikipedia plot description to envision how bad this movie was.

-This brings me to the movie I watched late last night: Cube. Gideon had me watch it a few years ago, and I must admit it was pretty good. As I read about it on wikipedia, I came across something that Vampire’s Kiss had in common with it. Kafkaesque…

I have never read anything by Kafka, maybe I should. However, I feel like anytime someone wants to sound pseudo-intellectual, they start tossing the adjective around about any indie type film. In fact, IMDB has a list of the 41 best Kafkaesque films…After spending a few minutes reading about Kafka and what his work was about, I can say that I understand how Cube and Dark City fall into that category, but Vampire’s Kiss? Absolutely not…

2 thoughts on “Some Movie Thoughts

  1. Keanu is fine as long as he’s in the right role. If there were only more movies made about robots…

    I could not possibly have a bigger boner over Watchmen. Six more weeks?

    Cage is the absolute worst. I remember reading in Wizard how he planned to play Superman, had he wound up with the role. Something about playing up the fact that he’s an alien, and making him really weird. I need to find the quote.

    Cube, from what I remember was pretty good. I don’t remember the acting being all the great, but the idea was excellent.

    I, too, know nothing about Kafka, because I’m an uncultured moron.

  2. I only want to know who will play Faye, that is all that really matters.

    The longest and hardest six weeks of my life…

    The acting was pretty bad, but the premise is pretty cool. I have never seen hypercube or cube zero (I remember Gideon saying they were not nearly as good)

    I am sure that most people who say something is Kafkaesque have never read anything by Kafka either. At least we are intelligent enough to know that using big words does not make you sound smarter or anything.

    Oh, and didn’t Cage want to go X-Men route with Superman? Black leather and whatnot…

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