Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Yesterday I decided to check out the new Underworld movie. I enjoyed the first one, and the second one was not terrible, so I figured this one might be okay. Well I was wrong.

I cannot really sum up how bad the movie was, I guess the big problem comes from the fact that we already know the story and how it will end. The dude that plays Lucien (Michael Sheen) reminded me of Simon Pegg a little bit. Which made it hard for me to really concentrate on the movie.

Rhona Mitra is hot, but not nearly as hot as Kate Beckinsale. There is an awkward sex scene with Lucien and Sonja, no nudity, but it reminded me of the sex scene in 300, almost soft-core porn.

Anyways, I recommend seeing something else.

3 thoughts on “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

  1. I went to see My Bloody Valentine last night, and when it let out Underworld was starting. I had to choose between seeing it and going home and playing video games. Video games won.

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