24: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Another good episode. They focused mainly on Jack and Agent Walker, which always helps. Here is the gist of what happened.

Jack and Walker find an apartment number linked to Du-BAK-u. They go there and find his girlfriend. Jack threatens her, then seduces her into meeting the bad man while they track her. On their way the cops pull Jack and Walker over and arrest Jack. Turns out that a mole at the FBI put up a warrant for their arrest. Who could it be? Well it looked like Janine Garafalo’s character was guilty, but as a surprise twist, it was the annoying dude who bangs the blond girl. She made a really bad choice though, trying to hack against Chloe, why would you risk being fired to find out why some consultant is in the building?

Some funny side plots, Chloe being at the FBI. Ridiculing their system, when it was Agent Moss who set it all up. Plus she is some kind of hacker celebrity there. The whole Agent Walker becoming Jack Bauer thing is cool, but Larry is freaking out a bit too much here. Quit being lame dude, the POTUS wants results, not lectures about ethics or whatever.

Sorry this is so short, I am on my way back home for a few days. I will probably watch Heroes up there and post about it tomorrow.

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  1. jason’s…after I thought about it, I realized she had no clue there was a mole in the FBI, since they were kept out of the loop.

    Greg…this season is much better than the last one. All women in Jack’s life die eventually, or get tortured by the Chinese and turn into vegetables.

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