24: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Alright, the season is over. The crisis has been averted. Good job Jack! How did all this happen? Well let me explain.

Du-BAK-u’s girlfriend messes with the driver causing him to crash. She dies, but not before Agent Walker pulls a gun on Jack to try and force him to help save her. Du-Bak-u is captured and Jack discovers a disk drive implanted under his skin. Would the electrical shock of the paddles do damage to the disk? Apparently not.

The FBI recovers the drive and Chloe begins to do whatever tech people do on this show. Sean and his hot office fling are both part of the conspiracy. She makes all the servers reformat, causing the disk to be erased. Sean then shoots her and then himself in the arm.

Fortunately, Chloe is able to recover the file and Sean is arrested. Bill asks the President to talk to the evil Senator about Jack. She says maybe. Then the evil Senator gets a call that the President wants to speak with him about Jack Bauer.

Outside the Capitol Building, Jack reflects on his day. Tony appears out of nowhere and says that it is not over. Juma will strike some place in DC in a last ditch effort to hurt America. Tony wants Jack to join him.

Evil Senator’s aide is supposed to accompany the evil Senator to the White House, when he gets a text that says the operation is on schedule. He looks very nervous now (oh yeah, he was in on the conspiracy). Something tells me the next target is the White House.

The episode was good, and it’s always great when someone (especially a hot redhead) stands up to Jack. I only wonder why Jack was being such a jerk to Tony. Six hours ago he was all excited that Tony was actually alive. Now he wants him in jail and does not want to speak with him…

The above photo is of the President’s hot daughter…

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  1. Yeah – it really does seem like the crisis is averted – the season til now has been good, but what happens from here with this Jooma attack, especially now that all the conspirators in the government have been outed?

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