A Little Something

For those of you who are interested, the writer of With Leather has moved to a new site called Warming Glow . It’s all about TV and pretty much delivers the same hilarious jokes as With Leather and Film Drunk. I put a link over in the Funny Shit section.

And do not fear, I would not waste your time with a meaningless post without including a picture of a hot chick…

4 thoughts on “A Little Something

  1. jason…i hope so.

    G-Dizzle…never say anything bad about Mila…did you see forgetting sara marshall? her breasts were beautiful. mmm, time for me to have “josh” time again.

  2. She was REALLY sexy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And she was ALMOST enough to get me to watch Max Payne. Almost. She needs to try harder next time, and take off her shirt.

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