Girlfriend of the Week

This week, I have decided to make my GOTW another beautiful comic book girl from the DC Universe: Zatanna Zatara. Don’t know who she is? Well you should, she’s a hot magician, who says her spells backwards. Pretty much whatever she says backwards happens, for example “NAMTAB POTS!” And that pretty much forces him to stop…

Speaking of stopping Batman, she was the one who once erased his mind. He held a grudge for a bit, but ya know what? She found a way back into his good graces, and definitely wanted to check out the seats in the Batmobile, if ya know what I mean…way to blow that one Batman (R.I.P. haha, I’m clever.)

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. That Adam Hughes image isn’t even the sexiest one up there, but it reminded me of all the awesome covers he’s done (95% of which seem to be female superheroes). He’s got full galleries of his Wonder Woman and Catwoman covers on his webpage:

  2. Nick…my favorite Adam Hughes cover is JSA Classified of Power Girl…

    Jason…yes, that definitely needs to be the point of discussion for the next one.

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