Heroes: “Building 26” and “Cold Wars”

Let me just say that I had no desire to really watch these two episodes. After watching 24, I was bored and decided to give them a shot. There were good aspects and some very bad ones.

-The Sylar & Luke dynamic has been entertaining. Anyone think it will turn out they are brothers? I also love how easily Sylar can deal with the agents they send after him. You would think the government would have a better plan of attack for him. Obviously not though.

-The Indian girl that Hiro and Ando met was pretty hot. How come Hiro does not use his cool fighting abilities he learned from his father? Just pick up a sword and be badass. Being able to sword is not dependent on teleportation.

-Wow, finally a character with a different power: the ability to breath underwater. If I were him I would set up an underwater kingdom, and call myself either Namor or Aquaman.

-Daphne is alive. Matt must go after her. His reading Mr.B’s memories was pretty cool, although to much like season one when we learned about his past through black and white. Quit trying to relive what was successful the first season.

-I have a feeling “Rebel” is actually Mr.B. How else would this guy have such detailed information about who will be picked up next. Something tells me Hunter will have some secret reason for hating these freaks.

-They need to find a way to have Peter go back to being able to use multiple powers at once. Him flying around all the time is pretty lame. Same goes with Hiro, give him his powers back. And please, for the love of god, stop having him shout “Yatta!” This has gotten old and we are not seeing the future Hiro we saw before. Granted, maybe the future no longer exists, but I think everyone will agree that the idea of watching him grow into that character would be much better.

-I really wish they would use some common sense about Tracy’s power. Unless she can only freeze things with her hands, which makes her insanely weak. But, even then, she could still freeze the air molecules touching her hands, pushing them further out and constantly freezing more (see where I am going with this?) Maybe she just needs more practice. Hopefully at some point she will be a bit more badass like Iceman from X-Men.

-Just kill Suresh at this point. In fact, kill most of the characters. Just have a show about Sylar going around killing people. That would be awesome. Have him acquiring new powers each time, really crazy ones. And then have him go after President Nathan Petrelli.

Well that is all I really have about these two episodes. Did anyone else even watch them?

4 thoughts on “Heroes: “Building 26” and “Cold Wars”

  1. My obvious complaint is no Sylar in the last episode. When I see an episode without Sylar I say, “Hey Goober, why is there no Sylar?”

    Anyway, if Heroes had a budget the most awesome few episodes would be Sylar acquiring all the powers, killing everyone in his path, then meeting up with Peter and forming a friendship. Peter gains Sylar’s powers and either 1 or 2 happens:

    1) Peter and Sylar battle together against the entire U.S. Army crashing through the Washington D.C. mall against thousands of soldiers making their way towards Nathan, who is standing alone next to a podium of some sort near where Obama was sworn in, with the Hunter next to him. By this time, Hunter has gotten some crazy power and when Peter and Sylar reach them it turns into the most awesome battle ever. Sort of like the end to Kill Bill 1, except the entire planet is destroyed.


    2) Peter betrays Sylar and joins his brother, and Sylar tries to battle them all.

    Either way, Heroes would be back BIG time. Why am I not a writer for this show? After the fallout, they could go all sorts of angles for the next season…

  2. Come to think of it, would there be any interest in recreating season 3 except our own way…like, I would write parts of the first episode then someone would expend on it and so on. Probably too much work…but, I bet we could come up with better writing than the crap they are spewing right now.

  3. I agree with you. I think they sit around in a room, one guy has a good idea, then the rest of the tards start throwing shit in there and it gets all messed up.

    Pretty much the exact opposite of how a team of writers should work…

  4. With hero losing his abilities, it let the writers kind of take a step back and realize that, “hey, we’re using this time warp continuum thing waaaaay too much. I think i just saw my kids start to fade in the family photo.” It let them kind of get back to trying to piece together a story instead of making it a show of really confusing obscure shit.

    I am kind of enjoying the show now, but not immensely. Here’s some questions and things that should probably happen soon.

    1.Hunter is going to put 1 and 1 together about nathan petrelli and his ability
    2.Noah “mr. B” is no way “rebel” because claire was getting texts at the table while he was there.
    3.Noah is going to end up killing one of the heroes to prove his loyalty to nathans mission and try to win more trust with hunter, so he and angela can destroy some big secret plan.
    4.sylar and luke i bet are brothers
    5.I like this limited peter…it kind of makes him a little more desperate. The problem i think is because he doesn’t care as much and has become more cynical, which probably messed with his genetic make up when he injected himself to get his powers back.
    6.I realized last episode, that hiro had to have misinterpretted the future of ando killing him, because ando is just a super charger, he can’t kill anybody. I bet that is how Hiro gets his power back.

    Questions now

    1.is there significance for the kid that can breathe under water?
    2.what will sylar find with his father?
    3.what are noah and angela planning?
    4.why hasn’t suresh broken out of those chains yet??? He’s SUPER strong!!! He’s getting a little too fagishly obnoxious, he needs to get killed.
    5.is the hot indian chick a lesbian?

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