Heroes: Clear and Present Danger

I am very annoyed that I decided to watch this instead of 24. Granted, I did watch 24 today, but still not the same.

Let me give a quick recap:
Everyone is hiding out, trying to be normal. Nathan is using his power as a Senator to round up everyone with powers. Once he has a bunch captured, Claire sneaks onto the plane and frees Peter. There is a battle, and the plane crashes. We find out that Mr.B is the co-pilot. Now they are all free and being hunted. The end.

That was the entire episode.

The Good
Sylar, while searching for his real father, falls into one of the government’s traps. He easily defeats them. Which scares Nathan since Sylar could easily just start killing hundreds of people at a time…

The conversation between Nathan and Peter, where Nathan asks Peter which powers he has now. Peter responds “Whats the last one you remember seeing me use?” Nathan says “Flight.” Peter leaves the apartment. Very cool Peter.

The Bad
The whole recreating the conversation between Peter and Mohinder in the cab. Very lame. Also, the guy getting in with a gun, just like Mr.B in season one. Trying to recreate season one is not the same as recreating the essence of season one. Dumbasses.

Why doesn’t Tracy just freeze the gloves on her hands? Or freeze the floor? Or anything…

Is Peter so stupid that he did not realize what his brother was up to at the apartment?

So, Matt can now see the future? How the hell is that possible? Also, how come Peter now has to touch someone to gain their power? Before he had to be nearby and he did not glow.

That is about it. Anyone have any thoughts or comments about this show? Can it turn around?

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  1. Is this worth watching again? The previews they showed during the Super Bowl (not the singing one — WTF?) were pretty good, so I’m tempted to come back to it.

    BTW, I didn’t read your recap because I didn’t want to spoil anything for myself. 😀

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been more bored by an episode of Heroes. It is making me sad that I would rather watch the Bachelor and How I Met Your Mother than Heroes at this point, since I was on board from episode #1.

    That said, I will watch it until it is canceled, because I have an idea that when I stop watching, so will America.

    Some comments about the parts that kept my attention, for good or bad. Sylar is still cool, but it’s starting to push to the edge. His eyebrows look painted on btw, according to Leigh. I’m glad they kept him in the show, though, I figured he’d jet for his movie career. We’ll see if they can keep him interesting…I imagine he will eventually fight along side the Heroes against Nathan’s crew. Do you think Nathan’s guards have powers? It seemed like the one did at least in one of the first scenes.

    Claire is super annoying, and I can’t stand Hayden Panera.

    Ando, Peter, Parkman, and Claire are shells of their former selves. At least the actors playing them are…we need some new heroes to spice things up…like Kristin Bell’s…twin. Sure, why not.

    It wasn’t enough that Matt could read and control minds, he now has to paint the future…and he’s learning from a dead guy? Did the African guy master the force? Is he a Jedi? Did I miss something? If Hayden Christiansen makes an appearance, I quit.

    Okay so I’m starting to ramble, but as I type I keep thinking of more things that pissed me off from the episode…why is Mr. B aligned with Nathan? He seriously wants to kidnap his friends Peter and Mohinder just because they have powers? Ahhh turn it off turn it off!

    One last thing. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Claire is annoying. HP has the acting range of a shortstop with no legs. Sure he can crawl around and maybe snag a few hits right at him, but generally he is useless and should be put out of his misery (uhh…sure).

  3. Offord…haha, I just do not understand how Nathan can switch his plans every few months. At first he was okay with killing a ton of people so he could rise up as a senator.

    then he stood against his father, and helped the company (which at first seemed to only be around to monitor folks with powers). Then he switched sides and wanted to give everyone powers.

    Now, he wants no one to have powers…what the fuck?

  4. I feel like every season they just want to start from scratch, like everyone has changed their motives and lifestyles. Except, they are not good enough writers to do that, and with all the same characters back it doesn’t really make any sense. Mr. B is always changing too…who knows. They should make a spinoff that is just based around Sylar so they can start a completely new storyline without all the holes that are too deep for the writers to fill. Seriously, I would be much more interested in new heroes centered around Sylar…why am I not a writer? Maybe cameos from the old ones?

  5. How about a sitcom, Sylar and Peter, going around the world meeting different folks with powers, Peter always trying to stop Sylar from killing them, one of them can have a funny catch phrase.

    “That’s my Sylar!” or “What can I say, I take what I can get.”

  6. Sylar: “Come on Peter, just one?”

    Peter: (stupid trademarked Italian Stallone-like smirk) “Can’t a brother get some help here?”

    (laugh track, spinning star wipe)

    (Inevitable calls from the NAACP)

  7. hahaha. actually i know how they can make the season not suck:

    The government in an effort to capture Sylar, sends out the best agent they got: Jack Bauer. He tracks Sylar through the forests of Canada, because that is where I assume the show is heading, Canadian TV.

    Jack naturally runs into Claire, Peter, Hiro, and Mohinder. And obviously tortures the hell out of them, especially claire since she can regenerate.

    It totally works, the final showdown: Jack vs. Sylar. Who is more badass…

  8. I’m doing it. This weekend, my girlfriend and I are watching all 14 episodes of Heroes Season 3. I’ll report back if I make it through alive.

  9. I pay her. It’s the only way she’d agree to be seen in public with me. It’s like that 80’s movie, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” except I never get popular.

    Made it through the first six episodes. I’m liking some parts, not liking others. On the whole, I’m enjoying it more than season two.

  10. I think I said pretty much the same thing in a bunch of my reviews. I particularly liked the way they started going with Sylar. Him wanting to be good. I like the idea of any villain being conflicted…

  11. I think I’m the only one who liked Season 2…maybe it was just the Samurai era of Chinese history that interested me…I also liked Adam a lot. I remember that Irish girl being godawful annoying though.

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