Heroes: “Trust and Blood”

I have a feeling this season will continue much of the stupidity of last season (not that this was unexpected)…Like last season, there were still cool moments in the episode.

For example, Sylar is such a badass. He has pretty much went batshit crazy. I love it. What will happen when he joins forces with Peter and his gang of idiots? Will they overthrow the government? Will Sylar find a way to help restore Peter’s “only one power at a time” problem? Probably not, but one can hope. If I was Peter, I would absorb Sylar’s power…problem solved I guess.

The whole Claire thing has gotten old. I want to be special and help the world. I want to be normal. Blah blah blah. Stop whining. It must run in the family, Nathan and Peter are the same way.

Although, I like Peter in the leader role. This transformation has definitely been happening since season two, where he takes control of situations and has a more badass demeanor. This is the Peter we saw in the future…

How the hell will Hiro get his power back? I bet they find out that the Ganges can heal him…probably not, it’s like the grossest river in the world. I think I spelled it right.

Daphne died. I liked her. I am sure that will not last. I liked Parkman controlling the shooter and taking everyone out. About time they realized that one dude with mind control abilities would be almost unstoppable.

Anyways, that’s about all I feel like talking about right now. Lost starts soon, and I have had a shitty week. I apologize.

One thought on “Heroes: “Trust and Blood”

  1. I agree about Parkman finally taking charge…I remember long ago he had mastered his power to the point that he could overpower his father…then poof, never bothered to explore that again. Definitely cool how he made them shoot each other…

    Claire is definitely annoying and I wish she would just die…too bad she pretty much can’t.

    Who is this “Hunter” guy and why is he such a badass? If he has no powers how could he take down any heroes?

    Sylar and the new kid are awesome, agreed.

    Daphne dying was lame, Parkman knew it was going to happen how could he let her stand there. He didn’t seem to be that shaken up afterwards either, considering she was his soulmate and all…

    I remember the days when you had to stretch to find things to complain about with this show…sigh..

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