Lost: Episode 504

Sometimes I swear the writers have a direct connection to my brain. I make comments about Claire, and she’s in the episode. I say something about how it is funny that no one mentions Shannon or Boone, and next thing you know Locke is reminiscing about them.

Off the Island
The story focused a good bit around the Oceanic Six. Sayid gets attacked in the hospital, and he finds an address in the guys wallet. It turns out to be Kate’s. Jack goes to her, while Ben and Sayid go for Hurley.

Kate and Jack follow the lawyer back to a hotel where he is supposedly meeting with the client who wants the maternity test. Jack recognizes the woman as Claire’s mother. He goes and talks with her, and discovers that she is only there because she is suing Oceanic Airlines, and that man is her lawyer.

Jack and Kate head to the docks, where Sun is waiting with Aaron. Ben and Sayid meet them there as well. Kate suspects Ben of being the one to force the maternity test (the lawyer is the same one representing Hurley, and believes he can have him out by morning). Ben says that it was him. Sun prepares the gun to go out and shoot Ben…

On the Island
Charlotte’s headaches, nosebleeds, passing out fits get a little worse. Miles also begins to develop a nosebleed. Daniel says that he believes people who were on the island the longest begin to get “jet-lag” from all the time jumping. Miles says he has never been to the island, but Daniel asks if he is sure about where he was born. By the end of the episode Juliet begins to experience them too.

Locke says they need to go back to the Orchid, so that he can do whatever Ben did and try to get everyone back to the island. They jump around in time a few more times, once to the future, where they find the camp, but it is deserted. They steal some canoes and then get shot at. They teleport to the past (more on that in a second), but the coolest jump was only back a few months for everyone.

They see a mysterious beam of light, and Sawyer naturally wants to go check it out. Locke says they should go around. They hear someone scream and Sawyer runs to investigate. It is Claire giving birth and Kate helping her. Sawyer watches and then turns away.

He and Locke talk about it, and Locke says that the beam of light came from the Hatch, the night that Boone died. He felt that it was a sign from the island, but later realized it was just a light that Desmond must have turned on…Sawyer asks why Locke does not go and talk some sense into himself, and Locke replies that he had to learn from his later mistakes.

The final part of the episode shows the group escaping the bullets by going back in time to a really bad storm. Another boat crashed and the survivors all speak French. They find a body on the beach. JIN! A pregnant lady tells him that her name is Rousseau…

Okay, I was not actually that surprised Jin was alive. I held out hope because he is always one of my favorite characters. I also love that in the preview Ben says that Jin is alive to Sun. I bet that will help convince her to come back to the island.

When will we learn more about Walt and his amazing super powers? I figure the writers must read my mind, so I issue demands now! Do it BKV.

5 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 504

  1. Walt is about 27 now in real life, even though the timeline of the show is what… 3 years? That’s his power. Accelerated aging.

    Man, it was so great when Ben was all, “Yeah, I’m totally taking that stolen baby from you, Kate.”

  2. So do you think they will just pretend that Walt storyline never happened? Remember how he may have killed his mom or something like that…

    I love how Ben has no problem just being a dick to people.

  3. I completely forgot about that. They haven’t mentioned him in so long, I’m thinking he’s either never coming back or he’ll swoop in and save the day at the end of the series.

    Holy Christ, that picture of Claire is sexy.

  4. We will learn that his power is he can make whatever he thinks come true, he will wish everyone off the island…

    I heard before that the creators said it will not end like St. Elsewere, being a product of Walt’s mind or someone elses mind…

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