Lost: Episode 505

This show just keeps getting better. Or at least some of the ideas I have for where the show might be going has me super excited. I will explain later.

The Jin Story
Jin and Rousseau’s team go in search of the radio tower that broadcasts the numbers. On the way they run into the smoke monster, which carries off one of the guys into an ancient temple, the dude loses his arm in the process. Did anyone notice the hieroglyphs on the temple? Not saying they are Egyptian, but my theory about the island being Atlantis could be right…or not.

The rest of the group goes into the temple after the guy, but Jin tells Rousseau not to because of the baby. He time jumps two months ahead and sees Rousseau shoot her boyfriend who she believes caught some sickness in the temple. She tries to shoot him as well, but then he jumps again, and runs into the rest of the group. The jumps continue to happen more frequently, and the group tries to make it’s way to the Orchid.

Charlotte’s condition grows worse and they decide to leave her behind. Daniel stays with her. Someone asks the question of what they should do if the Orchid is not there in whatever year they are currently in, Charlotte says to use the well.

They arrive at the Orchid and immediately time jump backwards, well before the station was built. They find the well and Locke begins to climb down the rope. They time jump forward and Locke plummets to the bottom, hurting his leg. He finds the wheel that Ben turned and also finds Christian (Jack’s dad), who says that Locke was supposed to turn the wheel, not Ben.

As Locke turns the wheel, before he leaves the island, Christian tells him to say hello to his son. Daniel and Charlotte talk about her memories of the island and she says that a crazy man told her to forget the island and never to come back. She says that the man was Daniel.

That explains something: remember when we saw them building the station, Daniel was one of the people there, but he is not getting sick from over exposure to the island, plus he did not age at all. I am guessing when he leaves the island, he goes back in time, and tries to convince a child Charlotte not to return to the island. Why would he do that? Well she dies at the end of the episode, that’s why.

Also, before Locke leaves, Jin gives him his wedding ring and tells Locke not to bring Sun back to the island. Tell her that he is dead and that his body washed up on the island.

Off the Island
Sun is about to shoot Ben, when he says that Jin is still alive. He gives her the ring, which he says Locke gave to him. Jack says that Ben told him he never went to see Locke, but Ben replies that Locke came to see him, so therefore he did not lie to Jack. I love Ben.

Ben says that there is a woman who can explain everything and prove that Jin is still alive. Sun and Jack agree to go see her. Unfortunately Sayid and Kate want nothing to do with this and leave. They arrive at the church at the same time as Desmond, who says he is searching for Daniel’s mother. They go inside and we find Eloise Hawking, who says that Ben did not bring the rest of the group…

I was a little disappointed with the ring as being what they showed to Sun. It would have been cooler if they had a time jump where Jin meets/helps Ben at a younger age. Ben then tells Sun that the reason Jin cannot be dead is that he met Jin before when he was younger.

I am also convinced that the time jumps will also explain the whole Ben/Henry Gale thing. What happened to Gale, and how did Ben get caught by Rousseau? I would imagine that the group will time jump and witness it or be somehow involved.

Will we ever see what is inside the temple? I hope so.
Anyways, let me know what your thoughts were on the episode, and any theories you may have.

5 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 505

  1. Nah, you are not stupid. I also do not think Jacob and Christian are the same. I think those are all manifestations of whatever supernatural element rules the island. Maybe the island itself?

  2. Or, maybe the island has a way of making happen what people’s desires are. Remember, Ben wanted a spinal surgeon, Jack’s plane crashed. Locke wants to confront his father, his old man happens to show up. Maybe Jack’s desire was for his father to be alive so he could talk to him…just a wild theory.

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