Lost: Episode 506

I honestly did not think they would bring the characters back to the island this quickly. I figured they would milk it out for another four or five episodes. Good to see they were thinking clearly.

The episode begins with Jack waking up on the island, then hearing Hurley screaming. He runs toward the voice and finds him in a lagoon. He dives in and saves Hurley, then sees Kate on the bank. After making sure she is okay, we have a flashback that says 46 hours earlier.

We go back to the church and Ms. Hawking explains that there are windows that will allow them to reach the island. They must be on Ajira Flight 316 to Guam. Desmond says that he will not be part of it, brotha. Hawking gives Jack a suicide note written by Locke and informs him that he must give Locke something of his father’s. Apparently they have to recreate the original flight.

On the plane, they see Sayid on board, in custody of some law enforcement lady (just like Kate with her US Marshall dude). Hurley is on board, with Charlie’s guitar. How did he know to be on the flight? Ben seems quite shocked to see him.

During the flight, they learn that the captain is Frank. Jack wants to talk to him, and Frank sees everyone and says that they are not really heading to Guam…later, Jack reads Locke’s suicide note, it says “I wish you had believed me.” The plane starts to shake and we see the flash of light like the time jumps. The group then wakes up on the island where the show started. Apparently none of them remember a crash. Then a Dharma van pulls up and a guy jumps out with a gun. It turns out to be Jin. He is going to be pissed when he finds out Sun is somewhere on the island.

-What happened to Ben? Who kicked his ass? Was it Sayid? Is that how he got arrested?
-Did Charlie tell Hurley to get on board the plane? It was cool of Hurley to buy all the remaining seats.
-What happened to Aaron? I bet she was forced to give him to Claire’s mother. Anyone else have ideas?
-I got way too excited seeing the Y: The Last Man Hurley was reading at the airport.

Apparently next weeks episode is about John Locke during his time off the island. I liked that in the preview we see him going to hang himself, with Ben at his feet saying thank you (that was Ben, right?)

Let me know what you folks thought of the episode.