Lost: Episode 507

This was the episode where we find out what Locke was doing off the island. And also we learn about how he died. Those previews from last week were quite deceiving…

The episode starts with Caesar searching through the Hydra station (which means they are on the smaller island), he finds some Dharma paperwork and then a small, sawed off shotgun. Ilana comes in (she was the chick escorting Sayid) and tells Caesar that another passenger has been found, but that no one remembers him.

When they ask him his name, he says John Locke and we see that it truly is him. I predicted this last week, so obviously, I was not shocked. Ilana asks him how he got on the island since no one remembers him and why he is dressed so nice. He tells her that he does not remember, but if he were to guess, these were the clothes they were going to bury him in.

The Flashback
Locke then remembers his time off the island. He ends up in Tunisia with a broken leg. There is a camera there and then some guys pick him up and take him to the local hospital where they fix his leg. When he wakes up he has a very pleasant visitor: Charles Widmore. Charles is amazed at how good Locke looks since the last time they met.

Widmore tells Locke how he wants to help him get everyone back on the island. He lends him Matthew to help him out. From there things do not go so well. Everyone turns him down. Ben kills Matthew. Locke then attempts to hang himself. Ben bursts in and talks him out of it. Locke explains that he knows how to get back, they must find Hawking. Upon hearing that, Ben strangles Ben and makes it look like a suicide.

Back on the Island
Locke goes inside the Hydra station and sees Caesar reading some Dharma files. Locke tells him that the Dharma Initiative used to run experiments on the island. Caesar asks him how he knows and Locke tells him that he spent over one hundred days on the island. Caesar is confused and asks if he was one of the people who disappeared. He explains that a big, curly haired guy just disappeared before the crash. Other people disappeared too. Everyone is accounted for except them.

Locke goes to the injured camp and finds an old friend unconscious: Ben. Locke tells Caesar “that is the man who killed me.”

-I was glad to see Walt back, even though he will not be returning the island with the rest of the gang. He is still creepy.

-Locke telling Jack about his father was great. Jack looked like he was a bit strung out on the pain pills at that point. Only a matter of time before he goes on his drunken bender…and then visits a dead man.

-Hurley thinking Locke was just another dead person from the island visiting him was awesome. How long before we find out that Charlie tells him to get on that flight?

Anyways, that’s about all I got. I want to know what this “war” is that’s coming to the island and why is Locke so damn important? Any ideas…