Super Bowl XLIII

I know you are all wanting to know about how and where I watched/celebrated the Steelers Super Bowl victory. Not to disappoint you, here comes the story. Complete with pictures.

So, Kacie and I arrived at Mugshots at 6:00 p.m. I only planned to drink until half-time because I had to open the store at 5:00 a.m. The place was extremely packed. I started drinking beer and they went down very smooth. I drank three beers before kick-off. By the time half-time came around, I was drunk.

We stood with MCA (my friend from Mugshots, his real name is Sean) and his dad (Pops). Jen and Nicole were our fabulous bartenders. At the half I started drinking water and then after we celebrated for a bit, went home.

Kacie won the raffle contest, and received an authentic Polamalu jersey. At the end of the game I stood there screaming “How many times?” MCA would scream “Six times!!!” We did that for like ten minutes, which caused me to lose my voice.

A gentleman knocked my cigar out of my hand and was pissed because I was smoking it. Danny came to my defense and the guy apologized. Instead of being my normal dickish self, I moved down like three feet so it would not blow near him.

Thoughts On The Game
-Did it feel like the refs were trying to make it a close game? Not to sound like a typical fan, who feels the refs were out to get his/her team, but it looked like the Cardinals were blatantly holding on every play. I know that there is holding on every play, but some of them were pretty bad.

-Some people have said that Harrison deserved the MVP. His interception was awesome, but his defense (he is the captain by the way) almost lost the game in the 4th quarter. They were bailed out by Big Ben and Holmes. That was probably the greatest catch in Super Bowl history.

-Fuck the commercials.

Without further ado, here are the pictures from that fantastic night.

Kacie, MCA, and Danny.
Kacie in her new jersey and the wrestling belt. It says 6 Time Superbowl Champs.
Jen and Nicole, being hot.

Awe, MCA and Kacie, how cute.

Big Al and Pops
Pops andKacie.
Three sexy gentleman.
What an awesome shot. Good job Kacie.
The place went crazy after that.

What a cute couple!

What the hell is going on??? And can you believe I took such an awesome picture?

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIII

  1. Did I read that right…you were chanting?? I guess a Superbowl win brings out the worst in everyone haha.

    Couple? Is this the time and place to ask about that?

  2. Offord…yes you did read that right. I was pretty pumped up.

    Umm, we are pretty much back together.

    Gideon…so I think I missed parts of the game, where were the Giants?

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