24: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

Well another great start to a season and another dramatic drop after awhile. What happened? We started off so strong. Now, we are back to super-super conspiracies, someone close to the president trying to be a political bully (or a terrorist, if her daughter ends up being involved somehow with Starkwood, it would definitely not surprise me at this point), Jack going out of his way to do something ridiculous, and another member of the president’s staff resigning.

As I have said before, how often does someone on the presidents staff resign? There are two today (somehow the Chief of Staff will end up not resigning). This happens at least two or three times a season.

Her daughter has become a silly character. She almost dies, and not two hours later is trying to push people under a bus by selling them out to the media. Hopefully Jack shoots her just out of principal.

So, Starkwood wants to end terrorist by supplying the country with it’s own personal army to hunt terrorists. They mean to achieve this by launching a terrorist attack on the country? Seems like a pretty good plan.

The entire idea of Jack and Tony not calling Larry at the FBI about the WMDs is kind of stupid. The reason: they will not be believed. If that is the case, why not call Larry and say, I surrender, but you better send a team down here right away. I have a bunch of guns and explosives and I am SUPER CRAZY!!! There is a city wide manhunt for Jack at the moment. They would probably send a small army to catch him.

Instead he just wants to steal the truck and deliver it to Larry himself. Great plan Jack. The end was pretty cool however, with Jack being briefly exposed to whatever weapon was in the truck (I say briefly in a very sarcastic manner, if the weapon is so deadly how come people were not dying on the streets while he was driving and letting it blow through Washington? Maybe it is the kind of poison that only affects you mildly, it gives you a cold or something) and needing a little medical attention. Obviously he will be fine.

Another nice part was Jack having that touch of humanity, saving the guard’s life. That guy will probably somehow tell Agent Walker, which will cause her to want to bang Jack even more…

3 thoughts on “24: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

  1. What Jack was exposed to is not a chemical weapon – it’s a bioweapon. That means within a couple days, Jack will likely get sick, possibly with something deadly that has no cure. And at that time, he’ll also be contagious.

    The president’s daughter is a biotch, and will likely be outed before the end of the season.

  2. Greg…thanks for the clarification. But, it still seemed very silly.

    Jason…hahaha, well that explains everything now. I guess I can stop watching.

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