24: 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

I do not know how I feel right now. The episodes were cool, but I feel like I know exactly what is coming…

Juma will escape the White House with the President. Jack will naturally volunteer to follow, which Senator Meyer will be against, but everyone else will realize he is the only man for the job. Jack will rescue the President (probably in two or three episodes), they will realize there must be someone else involved. He will then go after Jon Voight. Or does that set up a villain for next season? What is the big, mysterious shipment he is receiving?

The bad feeling I am getting is that they will set us up with some surprise twist. And it will suck. Like, Jack’s daughter will turn out to be in league with Juma…that will make me angry.

Anyways, do not get me wrong. I was pumped and excited about the episodes, but I can see it going down a bad path right now. Please let me be wrong…

3 thoughts on “24: 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

  1. The episodes were cool, and the season will probably play out as you predicted. How much is left in the season? Like another 12 hours, right? How can that many more things possibly screw up?

    i’m pretty confused as to why dubaku’s son was even introduced as such. for all the influence he had, he could have just been random thug A. it seems as if that whole subplot was set up just so Walker could distract him for a fraction of a second. pretty pointless.

    one prediction i will make is that jon voight is tony’s source. i’m not really sure of his overarching plan, but maybe he just wants his shipment and not necessarily to send the U.S. into anarchy. that seems too cuddly though; who knows.

    also, i dont see all the returning characters surviving the season; chloe, bill, tony, aaron – one of them is a goner.

  2. I think we will find out that Voight is some part of the president’s staff. what could his shipment be though?

    the dubaku’s son thing was a little wasted. i guess they had to find a way to kill a few minutes.

    my bet is bill dies.

  3. So now Jooma will kidnap Jack and the president, and he’ll break them out and save the president, who will then pardon him, right?

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