Who would have thought it could last this long? 500 posts? Well technically 499, this would be 500. So as I type this there are still only 499…although, I had to delete a few posts, so that means this is really 502. Whatever, this says 500th post, it shall be the 500th post.

I ask this question a lot, but who all is reading this out there? There are a few people I know of because they comment (and that was really the whole idea behind this, I liked the features better than live journal, and figured the people who enjoyed that would enjoy this). I know that there are people who read, but never comment, which is okay I guess. Anyone else out there?

Any suggestions for the next 500 posts? Aside from more hot pictures of girls…

5 thoughts on “500

  1. isn’t that slone from entourage…that show is awesome if any of you guys watch it. And she’s most definitely hot, especially with the insinuated lesbian/3-some episode

  2. She will be in my next super secret contest. Well, it’s really no secret, I’m just going to be searching for the consensus hottest girl in the world. I’ve spent weeks compiling the top 128 women but I’m still not ready…then there’s the process of finding/saving pics at work which will be so difficult…anyway, I wanted to post this on your blog to get some publicity because I’m sure this gets a ton more than Pancake does.

    Oh, and love the blog, keep on…keep on trucking.

  3. gideon…like a pancake?

    kern…i do not watch the show religiously, but if it is on, i watch it and usually enjoy it.

    offord…feel free to use me anytime. umm that sounded dirty.

  4. i just noticed that ngewo links to skepchick… which is supported by michael shermer and other great skeptics. you should add skepticblog.org to the list if you like that sort of thing.

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