Heroes: “Exposed”

You thought I forgot to watch it? Do not be silly, I have written about every single episode of this show, and I do not plan to stop.

-I completely forgot about Micah. He must be Rebel. I wonder if this will make his character any more interesting? Probably not.

-How does Parkman blowing up prove that the government needs to hunt down people? Seems like a stretch to me.

-So Angela and Mr.B are working some angle here, and now Nathan is in with them. Does it really matter?

-Sylar’s dad has the telekinesis power that Sylar stole from his first victim? And his father uses that power to kill people the same way that Sylar does? Why? Granted, at least this storyline is interesting.

-Claire kissed Aqualad. Then the Puppet Master guy shows up and tells her that Rebel said she could save him. Why? Let him get captured. Rebel did not seem to care when the company was holding the guy in the dungeons, what difference does it make now…

-This is the bitch that is chasing Claire. Taylor Cole (her name is Rachel on the show, and apparently she has a power…)

-Anything else interesting happen?

2 thoughts on “Heroes: “Exposed”

  1. haHA, so you think I’m right about the micah angle eh? Though now I’m thinking that angela is rebel since she whispered something into nathans ear that made him stop from going after peter.

    captain army is using parkman to manipulate the public eye the same way he did when he let ice woman free to kill a guy in front of people of authority. It’s the same thing, just on a larger scale now. He’s a master of public espionage and manipulating any system of people to see only what he wants to see. I think he’s awesome for this reason, but I wish he were a different actor, not one that makes the character seem like he’s got a case of little person syndrome, it just annoys me.

  2. Micah may have been recruited by Angela to help out…but the ease with which Rebel hacks the system, seems to me to be micah’s power at use.

    I understand what he is trying to do, but my point is, it’s bad writing. How will the average person understand who Parkman is? Are they going to say that he is part of a terrorist group and then issue warrants for everyone with a power.

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