Tonight was the season premiere of the new NBC show Kings. I had not heard anything about it until a few days ago. I saw the preview and figured, “eh, why not?” I liked Ian McShane in Deadwood, so it could not be all that bad. None of the new shows out this season really did anything for me, could this be another crapfest? The show was pretty good. I will continue watching.

The premise is that a modern day monarchy exists. They seem to be a major world power and none of the other places they named sounded real. There is a definite religious element to the show. The main character’s name is David Shepherd (David from the Bible), who stood up to Goliath (a type of tank from a nearby kingdom) and saved the King’s son.

The story is a retelling of how David became King, and how Saul (Silas on the show) lost his power. As most of you know, I studied the Old Testament in college, so this show definitely interests me.

Did anyone else watch it?

One thought on “Kings

  1. I saw a commercial for this last week, and DVR’d it (Friday, maybe?) because I thought it was the premiere. One second in, when they started the recap, I realized I had missed the first episode already. I thought it looked cool, and if you vouch for it, too, then I’ll have to download the first two and check them out.

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