Lost: Episode 508

This is the episode where we learn what happened to the folks still on the island. Locke is able to stop the flashes. Unfortunately they are stuck in the 70s. Sawyer saves a girl from being shot, which turns out she is a member of the Dharma Initiative. She was also Michelle on 24, but that is beside the point.

The group is taken to the Dharma compound, where Horace asks Sawyer who he is. Sawyer lies and says he is a salvage boat captain that got in a storm. They washed ashore on the island. He says his name is Jim LaFleur. Horace says they will leave on the submarine the next morning. This does not sit well with Sawyer.

Later, Richard shows up saying that Dharma violated the treaty. Sawyer talks to him and explains about the nuclear bomb and Locke. Richard believes him and agrees not to disrupt the truce.

The show jumped back in forth between 1974 (the year they arrived) and 3 years later. By the third year, Sawyer and the rest of the gang are working for Dharma. “LaFleur” is the head of security, Jin is driving around looking for the returnees. Juliet works as a mechanic. This is also where Danielle must have met Charlotte, and where we saw him helping to build the energy thing…

In the 1977 time, Amy (the girl Sawyer saved) goes into labor. They were supposed to take her to the main land to deliver, but she is too early. Sawyer makes Juliet deliver the baby, which will obviously raise some eyebrows. At the end of the episode, we see Sawyer and Juliet living together and that they love each other. Sawyer tells Horace that three years is enough time to get over someone…

Then, he receives the phone call from Jin. Sawyer leaves and tells Juliet that it is nothing. He then goes out to a remote point and meets with Hurley, Jack, Jin, and Kate. Obviously he is not over her.

Poor Juliet. She gets screwed over by Kate all the time. Anyone have ideas on the statue?

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 508

  1. I hope that wasn’t all they have planned in regard to the statue. Those are the nerd-teases that make me love this show, but I want more of a payoff for that than a 3-second glimpse.

    And Sawyer should just get to have Juliet AND Kate, because he’s such a huge bad-ass.

  2. It cracks me up that they (the group on the island) sees weird stuff, but never really seems to question it. Obviously a shit ton of weird stuff has happened, but no one thinks some random temple or giant statues is a bit weird. Jin saw the statue before, or at least the base of it with it’s four toes…

    I hoped they would explain things like that since there was a three year time difference, but I was wrong.

    Also, what year did the rest of the 316 plane crash in? Is Locke still in 2009? Or did the entire plane end up in 1977?

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