Lost: Episode 509

Imagine if the show was still being written with no end date in sight. If BKV had not come on board and helped get the writers and the show back on track. I believe that the third season (which I liked regardless of what most people say, but can understand people’s frustration), shows what happens when the network starts to have input on the creative end. Do I know this for a fact? Absolutely not, but I would bet that once the show was popular, ABC told the writers to drag the story out. If this were still the policy, the Oceanic Six would have taken until the end of the season to return. Instead they are back now (unfortunately they are in 1977 with Sawyer and the gang) and we get to see where everyone goes from there.

Some interesting things we get to see back in 1977. Jack gets a nice job, as a janitor (Workman, didn’t the group find a jumpsuit with that on it a few seasons ago?) Amy names her child Ethan. He will someday grow up and kidnap Claire. Circle of life…Also, a very young Ben meets Sayid. I wonder if Ben remembered that the first time they met?

At the end of the episode, Sun and Frank go to the Dharma barracks and meet Christian Shepherd. He shows them the photo of the group back in 1977. I have some thoughts about Christian. Did Hawking tell Jack that Locke would have to replace his father on board the plane in order for them to return? I think she did. Locke is alive and well now. Everyone keeps seeing Christian. Did he return from the dead during the original crash? Or is he some kind of ghost? He told Locke that he could not help him up, at first I believed this to be because he is not real, but now I am having doubts. Or has the islands personality manifested itself as Christian? I have thrown the idea out there before that the island is somehow “alive” or that it at least has some kind of consciousness. We have heard Locke, Ben, and Richard all say things like this before.