Lost: Episode 510

This episode had an awesome beginning and then an awesome ending. The middle was good, but no where near the level as the ending.

The Beginning
The episode starts out with a young Sayid watching his brother kill a chicken. Anytime a chicken is murdered, I am happy. We then return to the present (1977) where a young Ben brings Sayid a sandwich, and asks him if Richard sent him and that he wants to join the hostiles.

During the flashbacks, we see how Ben told Sayid that everyone was now dead and Sayid could go back to living his life. The reason that Sayid is back in the US after telling Locke no is that Ben came to him in the jungle and said there was someone about to kill Hurley. Ben then tells Sayid that he is a killer.

Later, Sayid is in a hotel bar and a hot woman sits beside him. She is Ilana (who is stuck on the island in the real present), and she goes back to Sayid’s room where they start making out. She then kicks him and says that she is a bounty hunter. She was hired by the family of the man he killed on the golf course. She is taking him back to Guam. When he sees some of the other group on the flight, he asks her if they can take another flight…

The End
Sayid escapes the compound along with young Ben. After he knocks out Jin, he tells Little Ben that he now knows his purpose on the island. He then shoots Tiny Tot Ben in the chest, apparently killing him! Yeah, it was awesome.

That makes me wonder if that is the reason current Ben is lying in his cot when Locke sees him? Maybe he is in some kind of coma…or does the island heal Child Ben, which then causes him to become the new hostile leader? Sayid may have started him down his path, which would explain how Ben knew that Sayid is a killer at heart…