I try not to be a morbid person, but sometimes I just cannot help it. That being said, the one form of death that truly scares is dying in the shower. I started thinking about it the other day when I almost slipped in my shower. I then began to wonder how long it would be before anyone noticed.

I imagine Kacie would be the first person to become truly worried, since we talk every day. Sometimes we do not actually talk, but at least we call each other. She would definitely think something was weird if she kept calling and I did not respond. I imagine after a day or so she would probably call my mom and ask if she heard from me. That would prompt someone to make the trip down here to find out what was wrong.

If I missed work, I am sure my boss would keep calling. If I did not show up the next day, he would probably call the corporate office and get my emergency contact, my mom, and give her a call. Which, would prompt her to find out where I was.

I wonder if my neighbors would think the shower running for 24 hours was weird? Probably not. I really have no one who stops over for a visit very often, nor do any of my friends or family back home have contact information for the people I know here. Think about that for a second. If I die in my shower, I could be in here for a few days before I am found. Most likely getting fired in the process. I would be one of the few people fired for being dead.

Do not worry, this is not me being sad or depressed, just thinking out loud…

6 thoughts on “Morbid

  1. if i didnt hear form you in a few days i would most liely become really angry. drive down there. that would be after like 2 or 3 days.

  2. I guess I will have to start posting a “I am not dead” message everyday, but I will number it to make sure no one gets confused.

  3. The part that freaked me out the most was having the shower running on my corpse for 24 hours. Eventually, the hot water would run out and it would be really cold. My poor corpse would probably catch pneumonia. 🙁

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