Mutant Chronicles

I just finished watching Mutant Chronicles, which has not come out yet. I had the privilege of watching it before it comes out. Yes, I am that special. Not really, On Demand has it before it hits theaters (is it really going to be in theaters?).

Well the movie was pretty bad. Fortunately it was bad enough that I had a good time laughing at it. The movie is set in the future (2707), and yet the army looks like they are dressed for WWII. Also, the ship they use to fly to wherever they are going runs on coal. Seriously, it runs on coal. How the hell does a spaceship run on coal???

Thomas Jane delivers some pretty crappy lines, but none more so than this one: “I get paid to fuck shit up.” In fact, he says this line twice. The only thing that was okay about this movie was Devon Aoki . She is kinda hot, right?