24: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

Slater tricks Tony into thinking he is going to help the government pull a raid on Starkwood. When the FBI gets there (with a full squad of SEALS) they find an empty hanger and they are then surrounded by the Starkwood army.

That was pretty much the entire episode. Okay, there was some other stuff. Like Jack testing positive for whatever disease the canister released. Which was kind of funny, if you watch House, it usually takes them multiple hours, or sometimes days to diagnose a super rare disease. The CDC diagnoses this one in 15 minutes, just off a multi-spectrum blood analysis. I guess House needs to get one of those.

Speaking of House, I bet he shows up at the end of the season with a cure for Jack. Either that or they will say something like “there is a doctor up at Princeton who may be able to find a cure…” Fox Synergy.

If Jack does die (he will not), what would next season be about? Political intrigue? Chloe in the field? Tony?