24: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m.

Well it did not take long for them to let us know that Jack will be alright. One episode. The cure awaits Jack through his daughter’s stem cells or something like that. Agent Walker will contact her, Kim will say she wants nothing to do with him, then she will relent and come to his aid. Unfortunately on the way, Hodges will have her kidnapped and Jack will be forced to take the matter into his own hands to rescue her. He will fight some badass dude while having those seizures. He will use his last one before killing the guy and saving the day. Kim will then give him his stem cells (no idea how) and he will live. And that is how the season will end…

Anyways, am I the only person who could not stop watching Agent Walker’s tits bounce when she was walking around?

Umm, aside from that, did anything else really happen? There was a standoff between the FBI and Starkwood. That ended weakly. Tony showed that he can be pretty badass. Hodges is threatening to bomb the country. I really have no idea what his plan is, but I can say this, it sucks.