Friday’s Game

Let me tell you how much fun Friday’s game was against the Braves. Umm, well it was a blast. Steve, Kacie, and I had awesome seats, like 4 rows behind the first base dugout. We sat with all the rich folks, it was a little weird.

We saw our second shutout, with Paul Maholm pitching masterfully. Nate hit a monster home run, and we enjoyed a great night. Afterward we headed to Mugshots to drink some beer. Please enjoy the pictures.

This is a shot of PNC Park across the bridge. We obviously did not stop for Kacie to take the picture.

This is not Kacie’s amazing zoom, this is how close we were to the players. Pretty freakin’ sweet. Anyways, I think this was the point where Mitsy and Bob (the rich folk in front of us) were saying this was Andy LaRoche. I kept saying that it was Adam, but they would not listen. Apparently they are hard to distinguish (Adam is left handed, Andy is a righty)…Also, Bob acted like he knew everything, they would ask him questions and he would get them wrong, but I would swoop in for the steal…

Steve and I flashing our double play sign. It worked in the first inning when the Braves had the bases loaded with one out.

The Parrot seemed to be humping that little girl’s face. It was quite creepy.

This kid had a Braves hat, which the Parrot kept lifting out of his reach. It was funny, but if I were the little kid, I would have pushed the Parrot off the dugout. See who is laughing then…

Sometimes I really hate Kacie, she had to call the Parrot over for a picture. I have no problem with mascots, but I do not like to be around them. Not because I have some weird phobia or anything. I just know the kind of people that enjoy wearing those suits. That guy is probably a registered sex offender, half drunk, and sporting a super hard on. He is rubbing my head saying to himself “oh yeah, I’m gonna fuck your mouth baby.” It creeps me out.

This is the three of us, I said serious pose, but apparently Kacie did not listen. There is a better one on her computer, but I must have missed it when I emailed them to myself. Oops, I am an idiot.

These last bunch of pictures were taken at Mugshots. You can tell I drank a good bit because my expressions are starting to get a bit retarded. That is Ryan in the picture up there, he showed up to introduce us to his new girlfriend, Shara (no clue if I spelled it right). When he said it, I thought he was saying Sara, but with a lisp (which would fit him, since he is gay). She seemed pretty cool, but then again, I was drunk, so a fire hydrant would have been cool too.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Game

  1. That poor little girl. :-0

    Were there a million Braves fans there? My gf and I were at the game Saturday and were surround by dirty, rotten Braves fans. It sucked at the beginning of the game, but was pretty great by the end when our section booed the hell out of them and their little kids as they left, 10-0 losers.

  2. Yeah,there were a bunch of Braves fans, especially since the Pens game was at the same time. The stadium was pretty much empty.

  3. Your friend’s expression in that pic where the Parrot is rubbing your head is my favorite. It’s like he already read your caption, and is thinking, “He’s right, that perverted Parrot is definitely about to spurt. Glad it’s not me!”

  4. Just curious – how much are Pirates tickets? I’m still trying to get a crew together to break in the new stadium up here, but the cheapest tickets (bleachers) are still like $80. This seems ridonkulous to me, especially for a sport with 81 home games. I may wind up having to ninja a dozen people inside, risking my own freedom in the process.

    I wish I was in the ‘burgh sometimes…

  5. You can usually get outfield bleacher seats for $10. Good seats can run between $25 -$35. I would be down with a game to the new stadium…

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