Going Home

Well, it has been almost two years since I moved down to Pittsburgh, two fun years. Unfortunately, the time has come to an end and I must return home. The company I work for (that shall not be named) has finally granted my wish of returning to the central Pennsylvania region. I will be moving back up there in four or five weeks.

I will be living at my mom’s house for a little bit and then I will try to find my own place or maybe find a roommate (anyone want one of those?). I am pretty excited about it, but also very sad. I have made plenty of friends down here, and will miss everyone.

I will definitely miss the fun times over at Mugshots with Steve. Before I go we need to have another Pirate home opener where we get absolutely bombed. Speaking of Mugshots, I will miss the hot bartenders: Jen, Anastasia, and Nicole. Also, MCA because he has a license to ill…

I will miss some of the people I work with, well most of them to be honest. Especially guys like Sean and Mike, we have drank plenty of beers together and I hope to see them again throughout our careers.

I am still upset that I never really got a chance to hang out with Allison, or Tami for that matter. I guess they will have to come up to Penn State…

Many of you might think this is odd, that if I am going to miss so much about my life down here, why even leave? However, these are the things I will get to enjoy being back in the center of the state. Seeing Kacie more than once or twice a month. Going to the movies with my brother. Attending any of the numerous family functions. Playing poker with the family. Hanging out with the few friends I have left from my PSU days. And last, but not least, making new friends and meeting new people. That is always a little bit scary, yet exciting.

9 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Good luck! I will be at PSU on May 1st I think if you are there yet. I would say I’ll miss you, except I never saw you even when you were in Pgh…I will be there Easter weekend if you are free.

  2. ha….that’s funny because I’d probably have to read Josh’s blog to know that he had gone to Paris. So I wouldn’t get to visit him there either.

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