Lost: Episode 511

Last week’s episode ended with a very young Ben dying from a gunshot wound. I asked the question of whether or not Ben would know who shot him. Well this week we got the answer.

Island Stuff
Jack refuses to help save Ben. He says that he already did it once, and that was because of Kate. This time he will not do it. Sawyer suspects that Ben freed Sayid, which makes Roger realize the same thing.

Meanwhile, Miles and Hurley discuss time travel. Hurley asks the question of why Ben did not say anything to Sayid about meeting him before when Sayid tortured him. Later, when Kate and Sawyer take little Ben to Richard, we learn why.

Richard explains that what they do to Ben will take his innocence. He will not remember much of what happened. In fact, he will now be one of them. The episode ends with modern day Ben waking up in hit cot, with a very creepy Locke saying “Welcome to the land of the living.”

The flashback focuses on Kate. All about how she gives Aaron back to Claire’s mother. She tells Claire’s mom that she is going back to the island to bring Claire back. Some of the other stuff in the flashback dealt with Kate and Sawyer’s daughter’s mom. Remember, they knew each other.

It is during that scene where we see that Kate truly does love Sawyer. I guess that was obvious to everyone.

Anyways, next week’s episode shows Ben going to be judged. I am guessing by the smoke-monster.

4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 511

  1. I didn’t like this episode too much. I thought the Kate backstory didn’t really tell us too much that you weren’t able to figure out or assume on your own. And I just kept cheering for everyone to let Lil Ben die, and they all kept letting me down (except Jack, who wins back some of the points he’s lost for being a bitch lately). The coolest part for me was definitely the end, and it looks like they’re going to get into some serious sci-fi shit in the coming eps. Hopefully that includes some hard-core Ben backstory.

  2. Nick…the Kate story was not as shocking as they made it seem. She comes to Jack’s hotel, sleeps with him and says “I’ll go with you, just never ask about Aaron.” I thought something insane happened, like God came down from the Heavens and took Aaron away. Or maybe the dingos got him…

    Yes, if we can finally learn what is in the temple, what the smoke monster is, why the statue has four toes…I will be extremely happy.

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